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Ruai Dayak's Music,lagu iban,iban song,lagu bidayuh,bidayuh song
Ruai Dayak's Music,lagu iban,iban song,lagu bidayuh,bidayuh song

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Album 'Menantu Ti Badas' Kaban Music Production Review 2017
 ' Menantu Ti Badas ' is a new title album that will be out end of March 2017. The album 'Menantu Ti Badas' featuring four lovely girl;  Charlene, Genna Duncan and Intan Bayang . Yes; this lovely girls a new artiste at Kaban Music Production , and right-now...

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NADI13 "Daun Ke Satu" Album Review
Check it out guy's. NADI13 is coming with their new revolution music style on their latest  album entitled " Daun Ke Satu ". A new tune and vibe from NADI13 remaind me of Ethnic Transmissions, one of my favorite band till now. Big different is NADI13 has it...

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Leez Zwita Album 'Ukai Antah Dipilih Nuan' Available on Amazon
Here's a good news to those who wanna get  Leez Zwita album ' Ukai Antah Dipilih Nuan ' in digital music format. Yes, it's available to purchase on Amazon store right-now. Credits goes to OCH Sound Production. How much Leez Zwita album 'Ukai Antah Dipilih N...

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Bolkiah Rewinna 'Tetap Nganti' Album Review
Here's a review for a new release album entitled ' Tetap Nganti ' by LUH artiste Bolkiah Rewinna . Bolkiah Rewinna 'Tetap Nganti' album tracklisting: 01. Tetap Nganti 02. Anchur Luluh Siti Pengerindu 03. Ibun Pengerindu Tua 04. Adat Pengerindu 05. Enggai Ja...

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Album 'Ai Mata Beserara' Dara Helena Review
Here's a short simple reviews on  'Ai Mata Beserara' Dara Helena album. Yes, Dara Helena got her own style by showing us how she can attract our lagu iban music lover out there. 'Ai Mata Beserara' a track from the self titled album, is among of the hits son...

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2nd Single by Nuttella Band "Nuan Enda Kiruh" Review
Lyric : Leonard A. James Music : Nuttella Band After they got a well welcome on their first single ' Penyalah Aku '. Nuttella Band now release their 2nd single entitle ' Nuan Enda Kiruh ' on the official YouTube channel:  NUTTELLABAND OFFICIAL  about 3 week...

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Album 'Pengerindu Sabun Mandi' Eisner Nala Review
pic source credit to ochsp Eisner Nala known by the previous album ' Keling Pesaka ', where her top hits songs such as Tebeleka Ketegal Pemula, Selipar Jepun and others has raised her name own Dayak Music Industry. Know, she is coming with a latest album en...

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Heritage Band Release Their New Single "LESI"
Another cool story about  Heritage Band . Yeah, they already released their latest single on the official YouTube channel and it has a wow factor on it. The single entitled " LESI ". On LESI, Heritage band discover a new chapter with their new vocalist memb...

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Album 'Pengerindu Lama' SULLIVAN Review
Congrats to SULLIVAN band for their success on Anugerah Muzik Dayak 2016 for; Best Cover Album, Best Muzik Video, Best Indie Band and Nominee for Best Vocal/Duo & Performance. But now, we not talking about AMD 2106. It's about their latest debut album; enti...

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Gabriel Fairuz Louis Release New Single "Di Dunya Enggau Serega"
It been a while we haven't heard about  Gabriel Fairuz Louis accept, event show. Now, he's coming with a superb single. The single is entitled " Di Dunya Enggau Serega ", fully compose by Hairee Francis, yes it's another masterpiece lyrics by him. Personall...
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