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Andrew Beck
Lover of technology, gadgets, and food
Lover of technology, gadgets, and food

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I'm using a Toshiba Chromebook. When I press the icon to open Feedly, it opens a new instance regardless of whether one is open or not. Is there a way to force it to switch to the open instance rather than open a new one? I didn't notice right away until I had 15 Feedly windows open.

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And now we interrupt your G+ trolling with a special message from Kaley Cuoco.

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This might be the dumbest concept for a movie I've seen:

Does anyone drink American Whiskey? I've been drinking it a lot lately and still trying to find the best one to drink at home on a regular basis. Here's what I've had and my quality/value ratings on a scale of 1-10.

Basil Hayeden 8 Year 7/4.5
Bernheim Wheat Whiskey 7.5/6.5
Buffalo Trace 8.5/7
Bulleit Bourbon 7.5/6.5
Bulleit Rye 7/6.5
Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey 8/4
Eagle Rare 9/6.5
Elijah Craig 12 Year 8/8
Elijah Craig 18 Year 6.5/4
Evan Williams Black Label 6.5/9
Evan Williams 1783 8/9
Four Roses Yellow Label 8/7
Four Roses Small Batch 8.5/6.5
Gentleman Jack 4/1
Hudson 4 Grain 5.5/2
McMenamins Edgefield 7.5/5.5
Old Crow Reserve 6.5/9.5
Old Ezra 7 Year 101 6/7
Old Grand Dad 6/7
Old Grand Dad 114 8.5/9.5
Old Overholt Rye 7/7
Pendelton 7.5/4
Very Old Barton 100 7.5/9.5
W.L. Weller Antique 8/7
Whistle Pig Rye 9/3
Wild Turkey 101 6.5/5
Wild Turkey Rye 7.5/6.5

Any one have suggestions on what I should try?

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