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Ashley Cooksey
Just a ginger girl, living in a literacy world...
Just a ginger girl, living in a literacy world...

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Lesson Plan: My Teacher is a Monster
I typically begin teaching with our state award nominee books after the Winter Break holiday. I want the books to be fresh in the students' minds when they vote. I also typically have various classes read the books to reinforce the fact that ALL subjects ca...

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File Cabinet: 10 Things We've Done This Year (2016 edition)
Again, what a busy year!? I've tried to update as much as possible, but with moving the lab into the library media area, writing more for various educational companies, I just haven't had the time to update here nearly as much as I should. For almost daily ...

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Stakeholder Advocacy: James Babb
The Devil's Backbone author and Arkansan, James Babb , has shared his story of being a reluctant reader at a few conferences around our state. During the Arkansas Association of School Librarians Summer Conference in July 2016, James shared his story and in...

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School Library Advocacy: My Soapbox
So, today I'm attending a Professional Development session to give an overview of #ESSA and #ESSAlibraries. If you are not familiar with the new ESSA, please go to the U.S. Department of Education website and read about it. Seriously . Each state has a stee...

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Lesson Plan Format
When we find that one amazing lesson plan template we love, we find it hard to use anything else. Our district utilized the 5-part lesson plan template. I really liked it, but we started a new curriculum, and the template fell to the wayside. I had a hard t...

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Ask and Ye Shall Receive...Sometimes
This summer while working on our library remodel/redesign, I completed a word cloud in a large picture frame that is attached to the wall with the worlds strongest glue.* Since the frame isn't going anywhere until the apocalypse, I decided I might as well m...
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