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I'm going to experiment with Twitter. My account is @JCassian1  (I hope). Longer posts will still be here.

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Strelkov and Berezin: modern Don Quixotes? Fantasy in East Ukraine
We had fed the heart on fantasies, The heart's grown brutal from the fare... (W.B. Yeats: Meditations in Time of Civil War) For all their professed contempt for the West, Strelkov and Co. seem to get a lot of their ideas from Hollywood. Strelkov’s conspirac...

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Strelkov dead?
I was going to post about Strelkov's children's novel, but it can wait. According to the Moscow journalist Yulia Latynina  , the Russian warlord and author of The Mystery of Castle Heldiborn  is no more. She claims the Ukrainian army learned Strelkov's dail...

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Strelkov: more biographical details
Renata Lis has published  a long article in the Polish daily Rzeczpospolita, which pieces together some more biographical details about the mysterious Igor Strelkov. Here are a few of her findings: Strelkov models his distinctive look on the Russian General...

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More Putin fans: Assange and Livingstone
Looks like Julian Assange has become a Flight MH17 truther. WikiLeaks is retweeting the Russia Today version of events ( via Oliver Bullough) . On the far left, ex-London mayor Ken Livingstone is also following the Putinist line . Not m,uch of a surprise th...

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The anti-fascist Putin still has passionate admirers on the European Far Right
Not least Nick Griffin, who has just resigned as the head of the British National Party. Unlike their continental counterparts, the BNP have performed poorly in recent elections and Griffin has decided to fall on his sword. But, before doing so, he sent a m...

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...or yet another scenario
Or, and this is likely to be the preferred option, [Putin] will try to have his cake and eat it too: by saving face inside Russia and also avoiding further isolation abroad by “freezing” the conflict. In this scenario, Moscow would call for immediate cessat...

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What will Putin do next?
Putin's subdued response to the disaster is ominous. It
reminds me of his reaction to the overthrow of Yanukovych. For days he said or
did little, then he invaded Crimea. Since Thursday, the Russian propaganda machine been
flailing, lacking clear direction ...

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The story so far - how we got here
(This is my personal view of the "logic" that led to the Malaysian airline disaster) The surreptitious empire: the secret policeman's neo-imperialism Many Russians feel deep imperial nostalgia for the Soviet
domination of Eastern Europe. Unfortunately for t...

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Just a passing thought
This is probably just one of those trivial "separated at birth" coincidences, but does anyone else see a passing physical resemblance between Igor Strelkov and Gavrilo Princip, the man who shot Archduke Franz-Ferdinand a hundred years ago this summer and st...
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