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Rob Kohr
Intel / Portland / Programmer (PHP & Node.js)
Intel / Portland / Programmer (PHP & Node.js)

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It has been a long time, but Javascript tricked me again:
> Boolean("false");
> true

Who would have thought. 

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I wrote this a long while back about a dream I had about a race that happens every year. This isn't a normal race, but one where participants can bring all manner of things to race with (skateboards, bikes, etc) but most chose to go by foot.
The race starts in the dark of night, in a dense cityscape. The route is chosen that involves back allays, bridges, tunnels, fences, walls, and all sorts of difficult structures to cross. Some paths are down right dangerous. All of these paths are the shortest paths, where participants can take the longer slower path, avoiding danger and possible trespassing charges.
It all started out small at first, just a group of friends just doing it for fun. But before the designated start time this year, hundreds of people crowded through the tight starting point. There was no starting gun, there was no referee. You could hear the sound of a multitude of cell phones ringing their own little alarm sound.
People clamored over each other. People that brought bikes found that they were too cumbersome to carry over obstacles and manage in the throng of people. There were many with bruises and scratches, but no one seemed to get any broken bones this year.
The race terminated in the industrial section of town. An area where no one was likely to call the cops for the noise, but soon enough they would show up anyway. I say terminated, because there wasn't much of a finish line. Just a band warming up. A hardcore chick beating on the drums could be heard blocks away. That was the siren call to those who lost their way.
One or two arrived at a time, then building up to the mass that have been squeezing through the small arteries of the city, trying to get to its beating heart. They arrived grimy, beaten, and yet beaming with pride. No one noticed who actually won or lost the race, the race was with themselves. They all hovered around as more and more flowed in, and the band powered through their set. The amps were hooked up to someone's car for juice. As the guitar played its cords, the headlights dimmed with the rhythm of the music.

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I created a new google chrome extension that changes the functionality of the netflix left/right scroll buttons. Instead of doing the annoying slow scroll, this makes it jump to show the next set of movies in the carousel. 

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After years of using git from the command line, I pretty much only handle git from this app now. I started using it 4 months ago for work, and now also use it to manage my personal github stuff. It makes managing and visualizing git a breeze. 

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Our friends at Mohawk Games have revealed their first game, Offworld Trading Company, which is being published by Stardock!

An intensely competitive real-time strategy game, Offworld Trading Company requires players to think on their feet and adapt their strategy to the constantly changing player-driven marketplace. No military units take part in this cutthroat corporate warfare, but the stakes are as high as on any battlefield.

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This looks like a really fun original game. Basically you are one of a number of companies competing to develop on Mars and you acquire resources and trade them on the market trying to outdo your competitors. 
More Offworld Trading Company from @mohawkgames - let's try a multiplayer 4 Team game #Loike if you Liked :-)

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"progressive" is a rather vague term to put her under. She was a Georgist:
which is an interesting melding of libertarianism and socialism, at least as far as taxes go.

The basic premise is all economic activity is untaxed, except for rents collected on land. Land was the basis of all taxes under the Georgist system, because if someone owned a lot of land, then they would be able to make a lot of money on it, and thus buy more of the land until only a few people owned everything. 

A different take on it is to instead of taking taxes from rents, just charge property tax. 

So these taxes would make it so those who owned significant amounts of land would then also have to contribute significant amounts back to the general public via taxes. 

In many ways your local government works of the Georgist system. Property taxes pay for schools, local roads, police, etc. This leads to a positive feedback loop, where the more services a local govt provides, the more property values go up, and so the more money it gets in to provide more services. It is such an effective model, that we just take it for granted today.

Part of the Georgist theory was that income and sales tax puts friction in the system: paying someone or buying something has a transaction cost on top of it. Remove those transaction costs, and then you will have a healthier more productive economy. Rent charging isn't the same economic activity, and controlling an area and charging higher rents does not benefit most people.
"She created two sets of rules for her game: an anti-monopolist set in which all were rewarded when wealth was created, and a monopolist set in which the goal was to create monopolies and crush opponents. Her dualistic approach was a teaching tool meant to demonstrate that the first set of rules was morally superior. And yet it was the monopolist version of the game that caught on, with Darrow claiming a version of it as his own and selling it to Parker Brothers."

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I am working on a game at

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It will be a game where you build up the resources and units on an island and use them to capture other neighboring islands.

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