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Enigma Software Group

Shared publicly  - is a Chinese portal that is promoted as an excellent start page for your browser besides provide quick searches via The
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Enigma Software Group

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The CryptoCat Ransomware is a standard encryption Trojan that uses asymmetric cryptography to lock the user's data and attach the '.cryptocat' suffix to...
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Enigma Software Group

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It is not very often that cyber-security researchers get their hands on a beta version of malware that is yet to be unleashed on users, yet that is...
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Enigma Software Group

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The BuzzSocialPoints software by PurpleTech Software Inc. can be found on and users may be attracted to install it. The...
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Enigma Software Group

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If start appearing as your homepage and search engine, this means that your computer is housing a browser hijacker. Then you wonder how...
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Developer of PC security software, detection & removal of PC security threats, and malware custom fixes.

Company Overview

Enigma Software Group USA LLC (”ESG”) is a privately-held international systems integrator and developer of PC security software, with offices in the United States and Lithuania.

Our specialties are the development of PC security software, online security analysis, adaptive threat assessment, and detection of PC security threats, and malware custom fixes for our millions of subscribers worldwide. Our subscribers are individual users, businesses, municipal, and governmental agencies who subscribe to our service over the Internet.

ESG is best known for SpyHunter, its anti-malware software product and service. SpyHunter detects and removes malware, enhances Internet privacy, and eliminate security threats; addressing issues such as malware, trojans, rogue anti-spyware, and other malicious security threats affecting millions of PC users on the web.

SpyHunter is marketed exclusively over the Internet. You can obtain a semi-annual subscription of SpyHunter for $39.99 (for an additional $14.95, a SpyHunter CD is available). SpyHunter includes a technical support service called “the Spyware HelpDesk”. Due to the current polymorphic malware threats affecting PC users online, our Spyware HelpDesk service specializes in providing malware customized fixes specific to our subscriber’s PC.

Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in contacting the ESG. Your inquiry is important to us. For other inquiries regarding ESG, select from the following:

Mailing Address & Office Locations

North America - Enigma Software Group USA, LLC
Mailing Address:
2803 Gulf to Bay Blvd.
Suite #446
Clearwater, FL 33759
Europe - UAB Enigma Software Group LT
K. Donelaičio g. 62-304
Kaunas, LT-44248 Lithuania

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