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Maybe they outsourced the design of the Venano to Samsung.

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I wish this were funny.

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Hey +Sonya Honaker! I bet we know someone who'd like these.

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Good grief.

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+Nick Sibicky's videos have been invaluable as I have learned to play go.

His latest video is of he and one of the other Seattle Go School instructors playing a game for their students. They're both sleep deprived new dads, and talking about their strategies in front of one another.

They're still finding moves I can't see even after they made them.

If I were foolish enough to think that being into video games was still not socially acceptable, today would have killed it for me.

Watching an ESPN sportscaster stream Planet Coaster on Twitch is a bit surreal.

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The BoycottStarbucks hashtag is interesting.

For one thing, it's an amazing parade of American egocentrism. Starbucks is in 75 countries, but the people in that hashtag seem to think they're all "losing" jobs in the US.

Also, according to a Business Insider article I found from 2012, Starbucks is hiring 80,000 people per year in the US and Canada, to say nothing of the other 73 countries.

So 10,000 refugees over 5 years? It's just not a big difference to the rest of us. At the same time, it's someone making a public commitment to help people whose lives have been torn apart.

I'm still not drinking Starbucks coffee, but I may have to swing by for a chai or a strawberries & creme frappe.

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First day at the UN? Not-so-vaguely veiled threats are definitely the way to go.

Oh, also regarding "Crazy Train"...

Last time we listened to it, Amazon Music went ahead to another version, this one a cover by Dee Snyder. It occurred to me that there's just no way, as a guitarist, I would do that. Nearly everyone is going to suffer badly in comparison to Rhoades, and the people that won't are very likely not going to be releasing covers.

There's list of people whose cover of Crazy Train I'd love to hear, but it's short and unlikely. The little Japanese kid from Lollapolooza in 2009 did a good job. I'd love to hear a Satriani take on it.

Alternately, completely shifting genres could be pretty cool, too, and would avoid direct "metal guitar soloist" comparisons.

My Little Metalhead

The other day, out of the blue, my son (13) mentioned "It's too bad they don't play 'Crazy Train' on this station." We were listening to Octane on SiriusXM. I didn't even realize he liked it. So that was cool.

So I loaded up the live version from Tribute on my phone and we listened to it.

Mira (5), who was in the car with us, loved it. She has asked me to play it every time we've been in the car since this weekend.
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