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7 Ways To Love Yourself
In the (slightly misconstrued) words of the Beiber, baby, you should go and love yourself . Valentine's Day is all about appreciating our nearest and dearest, but sometimes we forget that a little bit of personal TLC time is good for the soul too (and if yo...

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Emma Julia (A London Kiwi) commented on a post on Blogger.
You're SO right - and karma is a right b*tch...

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Why my heart has shattered in 2017 #womensmarch
As a rule, I don't get political on my little blog. It has always been intended as a religion and political neutral zone that I can share what makes my soul happy. A little travel here, touching on a bit of history and a few tasty dishes there - some of the...

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Emma Julia (A London Kiwi) commented on a post on Blogger.
Your post is making me regret not spending more time there!

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Bourne and Hollingsworth brunch with a hashtag of bloggers
Sometimes a chat gets a little out of hand over Twitter, and you find yourself organising a brunch date with a bevy of beautiful blogging lovelies early(ish) on a Saturday morning. We left our duvets, other halves, pets and alarms snoozing at home whilst we...

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Question Time - a few facts and random queries
Over the years my blog has eventually gotten a little more personal, slightly looser and a touch more daring to use the random thoughts that roll through my never stopping mind. (Sometimes I just wish the rambling thoughts would slow a little, just wander f...

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Cambridge, and why it will always have such a special place in my heart - travel linkup
When you’re an expat, surprise marriage proposals often can’t factor into the romance of a relationship – for us it was more of an ‘oh, hey, I know that you didn’t want any serious relationships whilst you were travelling, but we seemed to have ended up in ...

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Comfort, routine and familiarity. It certainly has it's place in the busy, busy world that we live in, and I for one are no exception. My morning routine is so ingrained that without me, I'm sure the shower would turn on, the coffee machine rumble to life and the train doors get stuck because of my bag jamming them open. In fact, my commute has become so second nature that on weekends when we're out exploring new corners of London, I'm known to hop out and change station platforms without thinking. Especially when we're going in completely in the opposite direction.
#London #Brunch

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This time two year ago, Londoners were panicking with excitement (or disappearing out of the country on holiday). My beloved adopted city was gearing up for the spectacle of the Olympics & the world watching how our venues and transport coped with the international onslaught of visitors. Was it going to be a train wreck - that is if us commuters were even able to get onto the trains - or a spectacular success?

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For the first spring week-end a light suggestion.
Zucchini flowers stuffed with peas and potatoes A light, tasty full meal or appetizer.
Per 10 bauletti.
Una porzione o degli antipasti.
10 fiori di zucca
150 gr di piselli sgusciati
una patata piccola 
cipolla o cipollotto fresco
Per iniziare ho messo a lessare la patata.
Ho sgusciato i piselli e li ho sbollentati.
Nel frattempo ho tritato la cipolla con l'alice sgocciolata .
Avvalendomi del pochissimo olio dell'alice ho ripassato, in una padella antiaderente, i piselli con il battuto. Ho  unito la patata ed amalgamato il composto schiacciandolo con la forchetta.
Ho riempito i fiori di zucca e li ho chiusi ripiegando le punte su se stesse,
In forno a 180° per 20 mn.
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