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Steve A

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I suppose I could pick a winner but really don't want to because the real winner is the video itself. Watching the two of you is a winner every time. The joy and love you share with each other and with us, your viewers, makes all your videos winners. Have a happy holiday and thank you for contributing to ours. Love you both.

Steve A

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This is an amazing video. I watched it 4 times in a row...artistic, thought provoking (and it seems to have a personal underlying message???). Connor, this was truly a great work. You really seemed to have opened part of your soul to do this. Love you and your work.

Steve A

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Dear John, I've gotten selective about who I write comments on because basically, to put it milldly, I'm ill and won't be around next Christmas. That last statement isn't because I'm looking for sympathy, just that I have to use my time sparingly. And now the comment...

I was a working Broadway actor for several years and would have killed to work with someone with a voice like yours. Your vibrato is perfect, your control in your range is amazing. And I love just the tone of your voice itself. Lastly, your understanding of how harmony works is also amazing.

I've seen so many YouTubers and wonder how in the world they could have a million or more subscribers and then I hear you and understand how.  I also want to say that your work with Peter Hollens is fantastic.

While I spend most of the rest of my time in the hospital, I do get free wi-fi there and listen to your videos (some multiple times). Sometimes the joy of amazing music is better medicine than anything a doctor prescribes. So thank you and I wish you a long and joyful career.

Steve A

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Hi Adorian, Couldn't agree with you more. I'm terminally ill...yes, for real. I have doctors actually ask me to talk to some of their patients because even they wonder how I remain positive.  To paraphrase you, you don't try to hide from pain or tragedy or sadness. You hit it head on and you WILL come out the other side stronger.

I've been watching you for about 2 years now and have watched YOU change and grow. You seem to be one of, if not the most, sincere YouTuber. Positive messages are something sorely lacking in the world today so your videos are greatly refreshing. Being terminally ill in my case is a wide variety of physical problems (not looking for sympathy, just explaining) all of which say the lease...physically painful. But pain is physical. How you handle it mentally is a choice and I choose to separate the physical and the mental aspects of being ill and so I can find positivity in what's left of life.  When I look at you on camera, you seem to radiate both the wisdom that comes from lessons learned through living a life that has had more than a few "downers" and worked you way through them and someone who has found a connection to an inner peace.

While I doubt you will ever get a chance to read this long post I also want to congratulate you on the weight loss. While it may sound like a superficial thing to mention, after losing the weight you really seem to have come out of that final piece of a shell that was holding you back a little. You went from a pleasant looking boy to a handsome young man who has really come into his own.. By that I mean that you really seem to have looked at your life and have "put your own house in order". You seem in control of your life.  During the time that Chris Thompson was living with you, you BOTH seem have had a really positive effect on each other. I have to say that I miss the colabs the two of you did; they were fun, funny and frequently brought out positive messages.

To end this, I want to play the "dying card" (a.k.a., use sympathy to get someone to do something :-p   ), it would be great if you and Chris did one last video.  I've been told I have about 6 months left but believe me when I say that that amount of time goes by faster than you think.  Just get together and talk about the time you lived together and how you both think it changed you.  I think Chris was also positively affected by you as well and he grew from living with you....who knew preparing for a marathon could have such an effect on two people? :-)

If by any chance you did find the time to read this huge response my final words to you are take care of yourself and have a full and rich life.  And thank you for the uplifting videos.

Steve A

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So how many +HostGator s are there?  I had a question just 2 days ago, called customer support, spoke to someone who spoke perfect American English (I point that out because so many companies like HP host their customer support in India and after a few required classes in American English let their "customer support" people loose on the public speaking with such heavy accents I can't understand them. That isn't meant to be any kind of racial slur either, it's just a fact that people from ANY country have an accent when they speak another language)?  +HostGator  answered my question and solved the problem in under 5 minutes.

I'm not writing this to get you or anyone else who wants to hate +HostGator angry but both my hosting package and domain name are through them and coming up for renewal soon.  Looking at the likes and dislikes (thumbs up and down) doesn't seem to be of great help on this one because people could be rating the "enjoyment" or lack of it of the rant and not agreement or disagreement with what you were saying.

I honestly would rather change providers if what you are saying is correct.  I looked at the rates of the small company you went to and they are obviously much higher by comparison. The question really becomes: how did the set up go?  I can't really ask about the service because from the date of my question here, it's only been 3 days since the video was posted.  Did you set it up on line or talk to someone to test out the customer service. I understand the rant if things were that bad with +HostGator but a follow up with the new service would be helpful when you've had a little time with them.

Steve A

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Regarding the beard; shave it off. While you look good with it you have such a great shape in the angles of your face (that are covered by the beard) we can't see them. You look good with the beard but your face is stunning without it.

Steve A

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Connor, I don't know if you read comments or not. But here it is....

You still seemed a little scared or sad when you mentioned the 22 years it took to reach this point. Please know, and I will be a little presumptuous here and speak for the majority of your followers, subscribers, friends (whatever term you want to use), that whatever we loved about you before we can still see. Now, you shared more of yourself and to share such an intimate piece of who you are makes us love you even more.

There are many people who have channels on YouTube and "play" with the audience but don't come close to the number of subscribers you do. You have them/us because of who you are. So thank you for continuing to share yourself with us. What you did was, in a phrase, an act of sheer bravery. And again, we love you even more for it.

I was a Broadway actor and many times we would put on "unique" shows. Each life is a unique show, through all your struggles, confusion and sorrow you just set the stage for the new unique show that is now your new life. You came out of it with a new, fantastic production and you have an audience that can't wait to see you perform (or in this this new and unique play that will be the rest of your life. It looks like it promises to be great.

Finally, I/we can't tell you how happy we are for you that you've found this piece of your life. We are all, regardless of gender, religion and all the rest,  made up of many, many facets. We spend our lives discovering them. You say it took 22 years to find this particular one. While it may, because of all the struggle you went through to find it, seem  as if those 22 years were a long time at least they happened while you are young and now that you are aware of this new piece of who you are you can integrate it into yourself and lead an even fuller life.

So congratulations for coming to terms with this new piece of yourself and I hope  your life continues to be full of discovery and joy. And once more, thank you for letting us come along for the ride!

Steve A

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Dear Peter, I've decided this will probably be one of the last comments I leave for anyone as my time is growing short (yes, it's what it sounds like...I've been told I probably won't see the end of next year). I've written to only a couple other YouTubers but decided to save a message to you for what may be the final one..

I just have to say how much I love your voice and how comforting it is in what has become a stressful time. I don't know how much of the vocal harmonies are genuine or if the are autotuned but either way the sound is magnificent. Autotune usually leaves some audible sound artifacts and I don't hear any so if your harmonies are pure, unaided vocal that is even more amazing.

Your colabs are also wonderful. I've listened to (and thanks to the colabs) and discovered a few other talented artists. I have listened to your whole catalogue over and over. The control you have over your voice is amazing. I was a Broadway actor/singer and know the amount of work it takes to create the harmonies that you do...and one thing I never mastered was beat-boxing.  Another skill that just makes you more  incredible.

So while you are obviously doing this because it is what you enjoy, thank you for sharing it with the rest of us. Whether you believe in a God or not, your voice is an amazing gift and should be shared.

Please have an amazing career.

Steve A

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Sawyer, This is another one of those "I'm sure you'll never read this but I felt I should write it anyway" messages.

First, "Parallax". What an amazing work. From the writing to the pre through the post op work it is story telling at its very best. You are truly an amazingly gifted writer, director, actor, editor and every other area of film making/story telling I've seen your name associated with both in this and others of your films.

There are only a few YouTubers that I have bothered to take time to write to. While that may sound more than a bit stuck up, I have to use my time wisely because it is limited as I am terminally ill (no, not joking or looking for sympathy...just stating why some of my comments aren't filtered the way the would be if I had more time to consider being "socially correct or polite". So I say what comes to mind; like I said, sometimes a little too unfiltered.

I've watched several of your videos today including the ones preceding "Parallax" and the film itself. My GOD do I wish this had been a longer movie. Walk into any video rental place (the few that still exist) or go on line to Netflix, etc., and you will find about a half million "end of the world" flix. And honestly, I usually pass them by because I was inundated with them growing up. But having seen some of your other films I was genuinely excited to see this one...and WOW what a pay off!

To be honest, I was a successful, working Broadway actor (different stage name) so I was a bit of a snob even before I became ill when it came to judging actors and the work they were in. I have to say the acting was good and the material was great.  As a former actor I would love to see how you could have fleshed this out into a play. The fact that you were able to flesh-out characters to the point where, as an audience member, I cared about what happened to them, created a story with a clear start, middle and finish with such high production values and do it in all of 10 minutes is astounding.

You clearly care about your work and watching the videos you did around the actual movie where you spoke to the audience you also seem to care that WE have an enjoyable time. You have such amazing potential, I wish I were going to be around to watch it and you as a person grow.

The last 2 things: I sincerely hope that you have a long and successful life, doing what you love the most. And the last thing is a silly sort of apology. The way I heard about you was through a friend. He had seen you do a colab several months ago. He told me about it and said it was funny and that I should watch it. It was between a YouTuber he followed and "some other YouTuber; you know, a pretty-boy beefcake who probably does like so many other good looking YouTubers and makes their career based on looks." I watched the colab but just out of curiosity I went over to your channel (this one) and found that yes, as my gay friend said, the YouTuber who owned this channel was good looking and in shape but after watching both several of your short films and a few videos where you talk to the audience I also found a sweet, intelligent and multi-talented person behind the good looks. I have to say that I don't bother to follow many YouTubers or bother to hit the "Like" (a.k.a., thumbs up) button but after watching just the first serious short film you did I became a new subscriber and am sure that, after watching one of your videos make sure to hit the Like button on each of them as well.

I don't know how much time I have left but thank you for providing quality videos. YouTube has become such a wasteland of moving selfies and people who attempt to sing but can't hold a note that it was becoming discouraging. Your videos are really a ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloom of bad videos. As I said at the start of this extremely long letter, I doubt you will ever see it but I don't have much time left and one of the decisions I made was that if I was moved by something I would thank the person responsible for it. This time, my friend, it is you.  As a film maker (in all aspects) and as a person (from what I can tell anyway from the direct-talk videos you've made, talking to the audience looking directly into the camera lens, you seem to be a kind and creative person who enjoys life and I honestly hope that continues for you. Have a good life.

Your newest subscriber and admirer,
Steve A.

Steve A

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As someone who is terminally ill I think this idea is brilliant. I've been told 3 times that I "should get my affairs in order" and proven the doctors wrong every time. I not telling you this for sympathy, I'm telling you this because I cleaned up my diet (I have a lot of incentive, obviously) and I'm still here. You mentioned the percentage of how important diet is as opposed to exercise and I couldn't I agree more. Due to illness I had to stop exercising completely so my only avenue is diet. So while I won't ever be able to make drastic changes on the outside of my body through exercise, the specialists who have "worked on me" can also only imagine that it is my diet that is keeping me around as the medications I am on should not have kept me around this long.  One of my specialists is even trying major diet changes with other patients and has had surprising results. It's amazing to me that "specialists" are so used to treating everything with contemporary medications that they forget some more of the traditional things like something as basic as the food we eat.

So I think your continuing with these types of health idea videos would be brilliant. You could help so many people (probably more than they even know even if they just experiment with trying it).

One last thing; to you personally I just want to congratulate you on the progress you've made. I had never seen a "before" picture of you. Who knew you had 8 pack abs! ;-)  Please keep up the great work you are doing and thank you for bringing your vlogs to the rest of us.

Steve A

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This is a great video, especially vocally. WOW  did you grow up in the last year of so - musically. Is Charlie still part of eleveneleven (Ellen's production company)?  I didn't see it mentioned in any of the credits. Anyone know what happened with the being part of Ellen's company, I'd be curious. Thanks.
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I became permanently disabled a few years ago, have been told 3 times I had 6 months to live but somehow survived every time. While I am mostly homebound, my acting career had built up some momentum so now I tutor/teach/coach actors for enjoyment.
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