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College Writing Review
            Writing has
always been a strange thing for me. I was an absolutely box-minded, horrible
writer when I was younger until I was inspired by a teacher of mine in 5 th grade (see “Writing Review Week” post during Week 8).  Since, I have had no real...

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Meme Generator Tech Tip
In Lieu of the end of the semester I made this meme with

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Week 12 Essay: The Life of Buddha
week, I explored The Life of Buddha by Andre Ferdinand Herold translated by
Paul C. Blum. The original text was written in French but the translation by
Blum was seamless. The story flowed very well, and gave enough background
information withi...

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Week 12 Storytelling: Siddhartha's Diary
Hey, Diary! I have exciting news! Dad finally decided to let me leave the
palace! It’s so exciting I've been waiting to do this for years. I’m
glad he realizes that I’m mature enough handle what’s out there. I am so excited!                                 ...

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Week 12 Reading Diary B: The Life of Buddha
is so distraught from the discovery of age and sickness and death decides to
leave the kings palace to commence his quest for good. tear He reaches a
forest full of hermits and here he decides is the place he will begin to find a
way to destroy...

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Week 12 Reading Diary A: The Life of Buddha- His Birth
The beginning
of The Life of Buddha has been quite interesting. His mother, Maya is the Queen
to Suddhodana. She gives up her “worldly” evil desires for a life of good, virtue
and abstinence. She heads to an apartment to act out her creed. While she is

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Week 11 Famous Last Words: I'm Only Twenty
Dare I say
it, but I think I have finally gotten my life together. Now that I’ve completely
jinxed myself…   Last week, I
was questioning every step of my life. OChem really made me reevaluate if I
wanted to do this; if I was cut out to do this. I had alway...

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Google Define Tech TIp
Bourgeois I have always found this word rather interesting so I figured I'd get to know more about it!

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Week 11 Essay: Twenty-Two Goblins Overview
Twenty-Two Goblins           This
week, I explored the Un-Textbook Stories of Twenty-Two Goblins translated from
the Sanskrit version by Arthur Ryder. These stories began with an introduction of
King Triple-Victory, the indirect focus of the stories....

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Week 11 Storytelling: The Fate of the Disobedient
“Dad I’m so sorry! I didn't mean to be out that late!” began
Ferra as she confronted her dad who was posted in the living room. “You KNOW that you have to be home for dinner. Do you have
any idea what time it is?” her father sternly stated attempting to hid...
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