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Brian Chris
I'm a professional dad and blogger and I'm a darned good bowler too.
I'm a professional dad and blogger and I'm a darned good bowler too.

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I'm a stay-at-home dad and the wife is the breadwinner of the family: This is the story of our lives.

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Just wanted to remember this article. It and others are helping me get up to speed on Pinterest.

OK so here's a basic question - at least I hope it's basic.

If I circle a bunch of people and then post something to that circle no one in that circle will see the post if they haven't circled me back. Isn't that right?

So what's the point in publishing a post to a single circle if you have no control over who actually sees the post? Wouldn't I just want to publish publicly instead so that someone who hadn't circled me can actually see the post?

Like everyone before me I've just joined G+ and have very little clue what I'm doing here. :) This whole platform is a bit new to me so be kind and I'll be kind back.

I'm here mostly to learn a bit about how to use G+ and understand a bit more how it can benefit me and my business. Thanks!

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My wife and I took my son a few weeks ago to a local bike shop to sit him down on some balance bikes. It's time to start encouraging him to use a bik instead of his Ybike Pewi.

Unfortunately he seemed a long way off from being able to use one. He's just a little short still at 2 1/2 and he seems a long way off from getting the steering, balance, and pushing at the same time so we've decided to start researching early rider balance bikes - you know the one's with the gigantic wheels.

You can see my early efforts over on my new Pinterest board - "balance bikes for toddlers".

Well my new blog I started up a couple days ago was having server problems right off the bat yesterday. I was barely able to do anything on the site.

Looks like the server is still a bit wonky but it's working much better. I was able to clean up a few posts, add some pictures and even got my social accounts put up on the sidebar and below posts.

I haven't really created any content for the blog over the past day but at least I feel like I'm making progress.

Next up - I wanted to capture some video of our son's rocking horse and get it up on YouTube. We'll see how productive I can be today. :)

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Anyone out there looking to get a baby friendly rocking horse? My wife and I bought a really cool horse a couple years ago for my son and since it's still being sold I figured I'd do a comprehensive review of the thing and put it up on TotRides.

It's not up yet but wanted to give a heads up in advance to my G+ friends. :)

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Since I've been setting things up for my new website I figured I'd let the internet know that I've got a new Pinterest page setup for all my collections of stuff. You can check that out here:

I also set up the shell of a Twitter profile for me and my new blog. I think I'll make Google+ be a bit of a working mini-blog but with Twitter I'll use that for keeping things light and for networking I think. You can check that out here:

Once I get some things squared away (and dinner made tonight) I'll be looking into getting a basic YouTube channel set up. I'll probably post a few videos every now and then to compliment the blog but who knows, I may use it for something completely separate from the main blog.

Should I do a Facebook account? Probably, but not yet; I think I'll wait on that. I don't know how to use Facebook and will have to read up on it.

Later guys!

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I'm completely new to Google+ here and I'm not 100% sure who can (or will) see this post but I spend a lot of time at home supervising my toddler so I decided to start a blog to occupy me during my down time.

I figured I'd set up a full account for the project and here I am on Google+ for the first time.

You can see my new site at - The whole point of the site/blog is to get my kid active and playing outside rather than always sitting around inside or watching TV.

If anyone takes a look at the site I'd love feedback. Thanks!
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