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Kat Mindenhall
Counseling therapist in Lakewood, CO
Counseling therapist in Lakewood, CO


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A new group for Denver Therapists on Facebook, check it out! It's called the Denver Therapist Connection. G+ won't let me put the link here, wonder why....

Welcome +Allison Rimland , happy new year!

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to post again that I'm hiring, I figure the holidays probably buried this post. It's a contract therapist position for a couples therapist who uses EFT/Gottman approaches. 15 sessions per week minimum. Thanks!

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If you are seeking a position as a couples therapist, I'm hiring! Spread the word, thanks! 

Hi everyone! We've all been a little quiet this summer, and since we've had several new folks join I thought we could welcome them and see if anyone them would like to introduce themselves? In particular, how can we support you?

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Hi! I'm hiring again.... PLEASE pass this along to anyone you know that: 
-Does couples counseling and is great with depression and anxiety using behavioral and/or EFT/Gottman approaches.
-Wants the freedom of cash pay private practice without the headache of marketing.
-HAS EXPERIENCE. Lots of it. 
Thank you!

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I'm doing some market research on whether a solution like this would help others - your input is greatly appreciated: 

Do you track all of your referrals? Do you know which of your marketing efforts are paying off, and by how much? Do you track what percentage of your inquiries come in as phone calls, emails, etc.? Do you know what percentage of your inquiries result in consultations, full sessions, and what the breakdown of client type is (ind, couple, grief, etc), and how many sessions/weeks they stay in therapy?

Tracking this information is vital to a successful practice for many reasons (understanding what is going well in your marketing, where in the process you might be losing clients, who your best referral sources are, and how often you are connecting with them). 

I'm doing some market research on whether a subscription, web-based platform with potential client interaction tracking, customizeable reports and graphs, notes, and reminders (for nurturing referral sources and engaging in marketing efforts), a mobile app, and support for multiple therapists would be something that anyone would be interested in. If so, how much would you pay monthly or yearly? 

There are many solutions out there that are geared toward larger companies, and none of them are specific to the mental health field. With the advent of slick online client notes and payment, doesn't it make sense to treat your practice metrics like they are an important part of your practice management?

Comments are SUPER appreciated!! Thank you!!!! 
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Has anyone had any dealings with CNTV? I had a harrassing exchange with them via email today whereby I replied to opt out of solicitation and not only did they not honor that, they took major offense to being called spam and engaged in name calling! I am really taken aback, and half of me wants to follow up with this person's supervisor and half of me wants to let it go out of pity. I'm a bit worried about internet slandering, but then again, I also feel like I should stand up for myself. I might post the email exchange if anyone wants a laugh. 
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