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Member of ProGen Study Group 25

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Talented Tuesday: Dr. Herman Lee Harris
Below is a circa 1914 yearbook photo of my three times great uncle, Dr. Herman Lee Harris. Courtesy of The College of William and Mary Digital Archives I have written about him before, but since my last posting, I have found out that he: Graduated from The ...

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Although I love the computer for finding genealogical information, I still have to print whatever it is that I find of use. My husband laughs and says that things just aren't "real" to me until I print it. I agree with him - I get more out of sitting in a chair with a cup of coffee and my stacks of print outs than I do on the computer. There is an element of permanency to paper that is not there with digital materials.

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Excellent post!
Learning: How to Be Wrong
So when you hit the online scene for genealogy, you will see all sorts of tutorials and guides for how to do things the "right" way. Where to start on your German research, a YouTube video on to use Evernote for genealogy, a seminar on source citations and ...

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About Genealogy Roadshow and WDYTYA
I read this blog post by D. Joshua Taylor this morning and nodded my head in understanding the entire way through. Personally, I totally relate to his feeling like a 12 year old in room full of people who do not understand him when it comes to genealogy. I ...

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Thriller Thursday: Murder at the Poker Game - James Harvey Rector 1882-1934
My great-great granduncle, James Harvey Rector, was a bit of
an outlaw. Born June 10, 1882 in Marshall, Madison, North Carolina, he was a
younger brother of my great-great grandfather George H. Rector, also of
Marshall, NC. Harvey apparently had a bit of a ...

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Maritime Monday: Fortunato Oneto, Father of Paolo Oneto - Camogli, Italy
I am including this post in Maritime Monday because I have
learned over the past few days that the Oneto family from Camogli, Italy has a
long standing maritime tradition, something my husband was very pleased to
learn. He has a need for the sea. (Go U.S. N...

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Lena Rector Roberts Arnold 1909-2001
My Great-Grandmother Lena Rector ca. 1940 Lena Rector, our "Nana," was born June 13, 1909 in Marshall, Madison, North Carolina, daughter ...

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Wordless Wednesday
We miss you both so much.

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President Wilson? That Was AGES Ago!
I have been spending days knee-deep in the  College of William and Mary digital archives website. I began looking for mentions of my
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