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Kearstyn Boucher
Does anyone take this seriously anymore?
Does anyone take this seriously anymore?

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Face white to commemorate everyone who has fallen victim to drunk driving... please drink responsibly 

For those of you who think gay marriage is wrong, think of this:

One of our Lieutenants in the Revolutionary War was Gay, that didn't stop him from achieving something great.

In the Declaration of Independence, it states that we were fighting for three rights; the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, and the constitution states that we are granted with these rights AS SOON AS WE ARE BORN INTO THIS WORLD. By banning gay marriage, you are taking away our rights to pursuit what makes us happy and that is unconstitutional. 

Gays didn't have to vote on whether or not to ban straight marriages, did we? I don't think that it gives you the right... we left your love alone, leave ours alone.

In the bible, it states that homosexuality is a sin but, it ALSO states that all men our created equal, therefore, gays are equally aloud to live how we want as long as it isn't taking away any of the rights stated in the constitution from someone. 

We are born this way and you can't change that. Maybe it isn't right in your eyes but, you aren't the one that's falling head over heels for the same gender.

It's hard enough for teens around the world to deal with the stress of life, now you are doubling the stress on gay teens and they can't even hide from all of the people who taunt them at school because of the way they were born. 

Did you know that, ever since the government brought up the idea of banning gay marriages, suicide rates have sky-rocketed in the gay/lesbian/bisexual world.

***If you guys think you're doing the right thing by banning gay marriage, think of all these reasons why you shouldn't. Maybe you could save a life.


To Hell all the people go as the elections become a fading memory... to Hell our lives go as we fight for the nonsense we call government... god bless the One's who understand my practice.


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