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Google cloud is down the day as the AWS Summit.
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Don't etch in stone to anyone's proclamation saying (x) component of #quantumcomputing is (y) amount of years away.

So you're gonna put Rajon Rondo, Lebron James, and Lance Stephenson on the same team. With an inexperience head coach. LOOOOOOOOOL. Thoughts and prayers.

Lebron will have won the most rings with the Miami Heat and the East is now wide open. Rise, Heat Nation. RISE.

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#Lebron to the #Lakers predicted in 2016. New prediction: in year one Lebron and Kawhi miss the WCF. Rockets and Warriors use to playing at higher caliber and have real coaches. ;)

The Paul George deal makes plenty sense. OKC with Westbrook he has more equity in the wins than he ever would in LA. Potential 290/mill contract in OKC. He likes his team and his city. Lebron will never have that luxury b/c he needs to play coach and GM.

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We have got some of the best facial recognition in the world...


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Everything you need to know about standard operating procedures of certain platforms is this: Twitter permanently suspended Milo Yiannopoulos. Facebook and Instagram did not.


What Danny Ainge is doing is called stock price manipulation and that stock's name is #Kawhi. ;)

#Celtics #Lakers

The party of grab em by the p** wants to invoke the Bible.
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