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Crikey, I've been with Jacvapour since my first non analogue drag.
I've had everything. Crystal tanks, rebuildable tanks, nova tanks, 510 (+air) tanks.
Auto batteries, 510 manuals, E-Series!!
This evening... I left my 510 tank +E-Series at work 😲.
Had to pull out my V1P carts & auto batteries that haven't been used for well over a year.
What a different vaping experience.
Switched from them for convenience, favouring longer battery life & larger (& proper) tanks.
Filled with my daily vape strawberry chew 🍓.
Now I can taste more strawberry than ever!!
(I still hope nobody's half inched my E-cig when I get to work tomorrow afternoon!!)

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Health chiefs call for free e-cigarettes on the NHS +JAC VAPOUR​

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If Wesley Crusher said it then it's good enough for me. 

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Don't post videos usually but this is a MUST see! 

Could somebody make a Goatse watch face? 

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Venus (W) & Jupiter (SW) 
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