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Love this article! Encapsulates beautifully and powerfully the experience of working for a startup vs. a big, established company. Everyone who dreams about working for a startup and all its attendant perks (stock options! pool tables!) should read this as a precautionary tale AND a reminder that behind all the gloss and romance is a LOT of hard work. 

Founders should read this, too, to remind themselves of why hiring the right people is so important at every stage of the startup growth cycle. #startups   #entrepreneurship  

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I love this idea and really showcases all the opportunities print still affords us in a digitally satured era.

What's the best non-business-related tip you ever got as a startup entrepreneur?

When an entrepreneur friend tells you that their business is experiencing rapid growth, ask her what her favorite comfort treat is, buy it, give it to her, and give her a big hug. It's a wonderful thing to experience when you've worked so hard to get there, but it's also very scary and very exhausting.

Reading UK-based mag about Google's "hidden tools." As a self-proclaimed Google Girl, I thought I knew everything there is to know about the Big G, but apparently I was wrong.

And yes, I'd rather do this than watch the Super Bowl, commercials or no.

Reading UK-based magazine at Barnes & Noble focused exclusively on reviewing hundreds of Android apps. Poor writing, a bit dated, but still fun to read, especially if you get tired of scrolling through Market.

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Looking for more Google Plus folks to connect with? Try Take Me Home Pet Rescue, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit animal rescue organization for which I volunteer.

Entrepreneurs, especially of fast-growing startups, spend huge, HUGE amounts of time on their business, and understandably so. You're not just the boss but the secrerary, bookkeeper, salesman, receptionist, IT support, errand runner, janitor, and a million other positions. But what if you set aside 1 day a week to do anything BUT work? Any entrepreneurs out there who commit to spending at least 1 day away from working in the company?
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