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Death Guard Foetid Blightdrone completed
Home from work with a sick child gives you a bit of time to do some painting.  In this case I managed to get my first Foetid Blightdrone finished and make a start on my next 30 odd Poxwalkers.

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Another Death Guard Tactical Squad + a Blightbringer
4th Dark Imperium Death Guard Tactical Squad is finished except for the basing including a number of Green Stuff enabled modifications and the inclusion of some of the new snap-fit models.  The mod's included my attempt at adding diseased pustules to the De...

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Making Deathguard a bit more Nurgley!!!
Tried my hand at green stuffing the other night to add a further point of difference to my remaining Death Guard marines.  Still a bit of work to do blending the extra tentacles and boils in but overall they look pretty good for a first attempt. Still have ...

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Snap Fit Death Guard & latest Death Guard modifications
A family holiday and a new batch of students kept me away from my hobby for the last week or so but I finally got some spare time to do more work on my Death Guard.  This included 2 lots of the new Snap Fit Death Guard models, and my 5th Dark Imperium DG Sq...

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Deathguard modifications & progress so far
Assembled my 4th (of 5) Deathguard Tactical Squads last night making a few simple modifications along the way. Also took stock of my painting progress from the last 3 weeks and its looking good. Taking a break for a week or two now as School Holidays are h...

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Poxwalkers & 3rd Deathguard Tactical Squad complete
Making steady progress on my various sets of Dark Imperium Deathguard.  Took a small break from the Marines and had a go at the first lot of Poxwalkers.  As with the Marines they're amazingly detailed models that really fit together well and look good.  I k...

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WIP - 3rd Deathguard Tactical Squad & Poxwalkers
Nearly finished my 3rd (out of 5) Deathguard Tactical Squads this time with some slight modifications to various models in the unit.  Basically I swapped a few arms around, chopped off some of the weird extra bells & bugs GW seem to love so much, and added ...

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Death Guard Tactical Squad #2, Lord of Contagion & Noxious Blightbringer
Starting to smash out my Dark Imperium Death Guard.  2nd Tactical squad finished along with a Lord of Contagion and my first Noxious Blightbringer.   The Blightbringer models are actually pretty cool and look better as Psykers than the Plaguecasters which t...

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Death Guard Tactical Squad
Going with Death Guard from the new Dark Imperium, swapped my Primaris for another lot and acquired a 3rd so have a fairly sizeable collection of them to get painted now.  Beautiful models, frustrating at times as you keep finding details you've missed and ...

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Maelstrom 40k - Round 1 Draw
8th Ed pre-orders went live this weekend, next weekend is Maelstrom the last 7th Ed 40k tournament to be played here in New Zealand and the week after is when we get all of our 8th Ed 40k stuff so its an exciting time geek wise.   Turns out a lot of people ...
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