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Social Security Disability may be harder to get in Richmond, Virginia

I have been representing disability claimants before Richmond Social Security Judges for over 35 years. In the old days, the statistics indicate in Richmond, Virginia the approval rate before judges was between 50-60%. Recent statistics indicate a disturbing trend. It now appears a number of the judges are approving only 25-28% of the cases. Now, the highest approval rate for any of the judges is only 47%. 
Information about Hearings and Administrative Law Judges (ALJ) at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Richmond, Virginia. Statistical data for Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings for all Administrative Law Judges
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When there is a dispute about your injury at work, the Virginia Workers' Compensation offers a mediation process to work out the dispute. Is going this route a good idea? These are the reasons why I feel it is a good idea: I...
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Sexual Assault in the Workplace in Virginia: Is there a workers compensation remedy?
The test for a Workers's Compensation Injury in Virginia has two components. It must occur "during the course" of the employment. And it must "arise out of" the employment. Thus, a sexual assault during work would definitely meet the first prong of the test...
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What is filing a workers' compensation claim in Virginia?
If an injured employee contacts the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission after an injury, he or she may be informed that the employee can "file a claim for the injury" and the Commission will mail the employee the form or it can be filed on-line. The V...
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Social Security Disability Lawyer -- Tell Your Lawyer the Truth
Your Social Security Lawyer cannot represent you successfully if you do not tell him or her the truth. I had a recent case involving this issue. I had a client who I will call John Doe. He was an auto repair man with some severe disabilities. He needed hip ...
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Virginia Workers’ Compensation Attorney Advanced Retreat
Recently, I attended the Virginia Workers’ Compensation Attorney Advanced Law seminar in Richmond, Virginia. The meeting was highlighted by Dr. Nathan’s Zasler’s talk on mild to moderate brain injuries (TBI). In addition, one discussion highlighted all new ...
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What is a Virginia Workers' Compensation Accident?

It has two prongs. It must "usually" occur at work and it must "arise" out of the work place environment. The first prong is usually easy to satisfy. However, what happens when you are injured on your lunch break. Are you still at work? The second prong can get tricky. For instance, consider the following: (1) if you are at work and you fall out of your office chair or (2) if you are at work and your knee gives out and you fall or (3) if you reach for a pencil and throw out your left shoulder are these incidents " compensable accidents" under the Workers' Compensation Act? If your claim is denied, then it is time to consult an experienced workers' compensation lawyer to find out if your incident is/is not an accident. You can contact me at:

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Represented 61 year old autocad worker in a Social Security Disability case today. The key to the case was the vocational consultant listed this past relevant work as light with no transferable skills. Due to osteoarthritis the claimant was reduced to sedentary or less than sedentary work. He also could only walk with a cane which was not compatible with light duty work. Thus, the Judge had to award the claimant disability benefits. 
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In Virginia when is a lawsuit for negligent hiring better than a workers' compensation claim?
If there is an assault in the workplace by a co-employee, there are usually two possible remedies for the victim or the victim's dependents. One is a workers' compensation claim and the other is a personal injury claim against the employer. Of course, the b...
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Virginia arm injury on the job or was it a neck injury?
In Virginia I often see an injury on the job that is diagnosed as an arm injury. Later it turns out it was really a neck injury or there was a neck injury in addition to the arm injury. A late discovery of a neck injury in addition to the arm injury can be ...
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Injury at work in Virginia: is falling on staircase covered?
A common injury at the work-place is falling on a staircase or on steps. Will workers' compensation insurance cover this injury in Virginia? Virginia follows the "actual risk" rule. This means a risk in the work environment must cause the injury. So, as a p...
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Yes, Sign the Agreement for an Award for your Injury on the Job in Virgniia
In my opinion which was confirmed in a recent seminar, the injured worker should sign and return the Agreement for an Award form as soon as he/she receives it and return it to the claims adjuster for filing with the Commission. If the insurance company acce...
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Virginia Workers Compensation & Disability Lawyer | Jerry Lutkenhaus
Virginia Workers Compensation LawyerRepresenting the injured and disabled workers in the Greater Richmond, Virginia area for 35 years for workers' compensation & social security disability. I have handled claims, appeals, and disputes in the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission, the Virginia Court of Appeals, the Virginia Supreme Court, the Social Security Administration, and the United States District Court. For more help check Virginia Workers Compensation Lawyer or Virginia Disability Lawyer .
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