Colorful bedroom for kids with creative bunk beds. 

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I love it. It saves space an leaves more space for kids to play and the color scheme is amazing very bright an vibrant my daughter saw it an she now wants it 
i can totally see the kids fighting over who sleeps on the top and who sleeps on the bottom lol
+kelly li I agree
But they're are ways around that, like giving everyone a turn, or have them earn chores or good grades..problem solved
I Like It I think Their Cute And Inspiring..!! :)
Thats diff -open the door and look twice-original
Love looking at all different designs.interesting how people come up with all designs..
odd......but so cool in everyway aswell!
pretty i its like ur sleepin in nature
Beautiful,how can u access if u wanted ur child bedroom done?
imagne u fall of the bed and then ur on there other bed lol
+Chelsey Mcmullan
thats something my friend had when she was little except it had only one part that slid out
Now how lovely is that, dream room for kids perfect.
i want my kids to have that kind of bed
Where can i get one of this? Darm that kool...and i'm so loving the colors
Sweet and gender neutral. Love it!
Colorful stair leading to the tree? Hope those fruits are ripe...
handy 4 when kids have sleepovers
that how sorta my room look just in rainbow
I't's awesome but what if someone falls on the other people???
Its cool but its not make goid senes for children who sleep bottom 
I love that bed set and I LOVE the COLORS
the last bunk looks more like a drawer but good idea
Oh. My. Gosh.  I want this room for my boys. O_O
that's awesome
I want one! (or three) jajajaja
Its colourful and nice but if we think logically then one sleeping on the higher bunk will stamp the one sleeping below him. Not good for sleepyheads.:-P
yaar exellent i wish i would have one
i would want the top bunk then i would roll down on whoever was sleeping on the other 2 LOL!
i think they're called "trundle" beds.  they're great for sleep-overs not so practical for everyday.
too many colors and not one touch of pink
Thats cute bt criasly,which one do u use????
b reid
Slight problem: They won't come out until you clean the floor, they won't go in until you make two of the beds.
well i think it would be fun to like roll top to bottom whith the be taken out and there is a problem!!!!!It looks like a baby room it has baby stuff like blocks and a rocking something and more blocks i just thing it should be older peoples thing instead of babies thing!!!!
so if you could like have a couple of friends sleep over all you would have to do is roll thoes out!!!  ^-^
Very creative, why settle for two when you can have three!!
Room for triplets solved.
well true or you could have a triple bunk bed............................
I would probably roll on to them cuz i turn to much
It looks great and comfortable, a great sleeping and playing space for the children!!
i want that room so bad it so cool!
i nlove the horse i have a lttle sis who's name is elli
VERY CLEEEEEEEEEEEAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love it want it! :D my quote of the day :d
Wow! I need that for when my 7 grandchildren visit me all at one time during the school breaks. Maybe I need two sets! Thanks for sharing, I love it.
Tanvi C
Luv it! I really want that
i need that  to share with my sister :D
i want 1 of those beds
Can you actually buy it :D????????????
Awesome, kids will enjoy having their friends over for sleepovers!! 
+sabrina zhong Where ?????? :D In real life or just on a computer or tv or somthing like that plz tell me :D???!
This is cool, and I love the colors.
that is so cool i wish i had one of those 
i like the apple tree and the green carpet. fun colors! 
C'est joli ! Exceptionnel .
omg that is so beautiful . i want one like that
Wow! very nice and comfortable. Good designers i love it..
What if you are on the top and need to use the bathroom you gotta climb over two people that's no fun but I love the concept
Wow...I need that ^_^ great idea 
Love it but I wish it was more blue.
amazing really like how it looks like a futon
Thats is so cool its sooo cool and it looks so confy keep it up interior designs

It's so cool,and fresh! lol
wow! it looks like its actually outside!!!! Want my bedroom like that! ll I know its not happening though ll
cool i want it and nicely done 
Who has the time and the money for this kind of things?! Kids need their parents love and time, not a fancy room.
this would be good for my child that would be a boy
heck naww i want one of those beds
where can i get one and wow?! :)
thiss is cool . i wud invite 3 friends over for a sleep over :).
i wish i had that when i was a kid!
wow randome ppl be askeed to star a hangeout and i can look at their mail hahaha
this room looks so pretty and inocent...
NO NO BAD MONSTERS GET OUT OF THAT CLOSET. this room is two happy for you to stay...Monsters in closet/under bed/on celing/ GET OUT BY THE LAW OF CUTE COLORS. Thats how its done parents
That is a nice room where kids can have fun and enjoy colors
THIS IS .......................... SO VERY CLEAN!
I would love to have this bed but with pink hello kitty blankets 
I love the slide outs they are tots adorable 
too much color...its like McDonald's...
that is my dream right there, my friends will be like, "Oh my god! Now we dont hace to sleep on the floor!" and I will be like, "Hey, what are friends for?" XD!
that bed is for, mama bear, papa bear, ang baby bear hahaha! 
thats good for a kid that like nature and games like me!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that is awesome i love it:P
i wish i had such a great room...awesome
i love the bed what did you do to it
How much is this bed room set going for ???
how much does it cost? i love that! but wat if the top ones fall on the bottom kid.?
my daughter is looking for a bed like that how much would you like for that bed 20,000 lol
I thought it said best drunk beds
I love it I would invite a few friends if I lived there

WOW awesome 500th comment :D looks like a dream room for little kids that like nature ;)
actually neither of us are last......
awwwww...... it was last when i commented.
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