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oh yeah! that is soooooo my new room! :)
Ally A.
wow... I didn't know there could be a house that awesome!
wow! that's cool..
ar ruth
wow...nipa hut...in a pool....cool=)
i NEED to go there
I love this! I would just wake up on the right side of the bed every day.
Oh man is that what heaven looks like. Im dieing to no lol
i just lov to walk through it
wow that's amazing........................ 
really looks relaxing, beautiful place for a stay away from everything.
Kira B
That is my dream Home!!!!
I would never live there. I'm scared of being over water. I love water, I just don't want to live on it. lolz
i want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That would be sweet to have.
love to have that
simple but just WOW .... fantastic concept
If this is your idea of simple, I'd like to see your house.
Please, please I want one. Made in heaven.........ahh.........
Ohhh yes, that's my dream gift for valentines day !!! 
Now I can go for that... 
nice... like my dream house
I agree:) because It's simply beautiful. 
my ambition is architect.i want some ideas from you.
This is my dream house, very few possessions and swimming every day.
This would be the perfect house !!!
Ho, I could so live there. Sell shells to tourists. 
looks great... wouldn`t call it 'simple' though...
i like to be here, with my lover
wake up, shower in the blue water, come back and cook some sausage and egg
i think id enjoy the side bed as long as i don't  roll of off it:)lol
the water is so BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love this house, i consider this as one of my dreamhouse so simple yet elegant.
superbbb design....
  shall i know who is the designer for this house?????????????
i got a place just like place this
Omg! Wish I was there for my bday:)
It's so nice.I really loved it wish to have one 
Nice weekend getaway. Now all I need is a leir jet parked in my driveway so I can get there in a reasonable time!
I think I saw this or something just like it in a Costco travel brochure
creativity  is  very  good   
so beautiful, wish i lived there. :)
WOW that is just simply gorgeous!!! wanna go there!
Ann Le
I need to go there :)
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OMFG o.o if i had 11 billion dollars.. i'd live there o.o
Please tell me your kidding, jealousy isn't a trade I like. My name is Dan,
from Cincinnati. I could die a happy man in that home.
Wow Very cool....love to have a place like this.
ouo if you paying part rent then you can stay with me until then.. MINE!
t rex
i would LOVE to live there
Is this the house on the pool? what ever I like it
Beautiful! But I would hate to be there during a tropical storm.
woow i like 2 visit tht plc with my guy
What a perfect home. Wish to have that. Real beauty.
I would like to spend the day here it is so peacful and inviteing or maybe a couple of days with my wonderful guy, my husband.This would be "Happiness For Us." with a walk on the beach after Dinner and the Sun goes down
Don't you love to be here for a vacation 
Wish I could live there!
holy smokes!!!!!!! best honeymoon ever!!!!! 
its a great experince for me i think its not a heaven...........
it's a very pretty place i would love to go there.
i want that house :)
gorgeous, so serene and peaceful
no mames q perrona esta yo kiero
una azi
beautifull house...********+++++++-----////////.......----------********++++++++
Good place for Peace and Love !
i wish i can be there with my love
It depends if your love is not afraid to live on the water !
Love it,wish I lived there!!!

i want to live there its the water that i love
Like this even the balcony
Is love to live there.peace&tranquility.o I so wish that was my situation.lol
This is illegal..it has to be, the public never gets awesome stuff like this. ;D
+Josie Waters if that was your new room you would need aboat to get to the kitchen for a glass of water 
Knowing me I would fall off and drown first thing in the morning!
Felt myself relax just looking at it.
Good night all friends....
 I'll take a Apple Martini please, and my puppy wants his bone.
:-) I be right right there just getting my fins adjusted.
i would relax there in fact i would like to right now :)
thats awesome i wish i could be there 
Simplicity is the best :)
That's my home sitting on the water. Yea
My Dream Vacation. That is breathtaking in the pic .I couldn't even begin to imagination seeing or even spending time their in person. I would probably faint from the beauty.
that dang house look like paradise
looking like imagination
i wish i lived there i probaly fuck in there every day all day
Dreams can be turn in reality, excellent job. ;)
yeah really.......... dreamz can b reality.... but u hv to work for dat
its so peaceful .............. love it
ooopppsss need............... no its a wish........... 
Dayshana Palmer, idk who u r, so no, i dont wanna video chat.
Would really lov to get that and stay there atleast a day=24 hours!!!!
But sadly I can't cause I don't even know where it is located....…:( :( :(
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