Relaxing space at home
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ka sert
oh yeah  ;-))
Why is that one guy in the bottom flipping everyone off? 
Wont the tv break ??
It would be soaking wet
I would sell everything in my room 4 one of those!
ok this looks cool but i seriously see major disfunctions, water and electronics that close together with drunks. not a happy ending. lol
the tv in the middle just makes that feel dangerous too me
holy-- man I wish i could afford something like that!
all it needs is fuzzy waterproof carpeting on the bottom and steps if it doesn't already have it!
When I get rich I will have one of those
I saw here one of the struck web sites.
i have ideas of my own. i'll be there one day to stay lol
do the hot guys come with it? lol jk!
This is my dream. I would never get out of this!  OMG!
whydo people put pools when theres water there.. makes me mad.. geeze.
i would never leave home...

That would take up all my apt ha ha ha 
Thts were I wuld like to be omg
All I can think of is a Bzzzzt bzzzzt sound as the fat guy steps into the hot tub splashing water over the TV screen.
That looks so cheap and ugly.  Definitely not classy.  Much better to just invest in something built in.  Above ground has always been trashy.
Sandi H
can I be sent there? I looks like fun
I want one of these. ..stay at home all the time. .party!!

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ is all i have to say$$$$$$$$
That's really cool I wish I had that in my house! 
I like the bottom part the most
if you ask me "jealous much?" I will say no and then run to cry in a little corner. :/ 
I will have to get this for Jenn so she can mellow out.
Now that is something I want. Where do you get one?? 
Now thats niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice I had to drag that out. I could only dream well fantasize. 
And the house as well. how spectacular is that. Dream big aim high
.one of my dream...hehe
except that you would turn into a prune
The pool is small, not even large enough to swim in, other than that it looks nice.
It probably has those jets you swim against. I imagine a pool like this has it all
bro...i want bad...just, amazingzzz XD
Imagine getting in that just after a day of skiing... SO RELAXING
hahaah Madison.  At my age any wrinkle is not a good one  hahahaha
Man some of the people want to live in that pool
that nice and flexing
Looks refreshing I would like to be there
Kylie M
I want it and can afford it where do u get it!!!!!!!!?!?!?!
hehe, the guy in the back is just like "screw white people.."
When is the next party? I want to crash
Beautiful! i wanna go there!!!
I Lieb
That's luxury if you come from a trailer park.
Seems like something Tony Stark should have.
It is truly the nicest hot tub I have ever seen.  It puts mine to shame!
Yet, it serves my purpose well.  Like you, I can't afford that!
awesome I wish that was at home.
Its all fun and games until someone splashes the t.v. screen and they all get electrocuted!!! But I would wan t something like that in my house without the t.v.
i wonder if it would fit inside my house...?????
I would love to have that in my backyard
Awesome!!!!!! Get me one
So nice but must really impact the environment...............
wish dat was my house lol! but i have a house just like that besides the pool thingy mick bobber
That looks amazingly sweet! i wish that i could do that!
hey peeps cheak out my profile i really love comments thanks have a fabtastic dayy
that's one hot tub that you can ave one hell of a party in
WTF i need one of thoughs
I looked at the website. It is so amazing!
Those bastards are living my dream! Cocaine and blowjobs can i get a woooop wooop!
OMG i would totally want that!
it's all fun and games until someone gets electricicuted by the tv...
Nice design,but that TV is a water proof, it is a sea salt proof,were is the bar at the top?
Abbi H.
that is so cool! I want one.
Id like to see the guy in the upper level vomit and take a dump and let is float its way down to the bottom level. That would be precious!
Richy! Richy!
Greedy hun
This is a dream item, but dreams do come true :)
i want one theirs room for friends and family (maybe not family)
The guy in the corner is flipping the bird with both hands
Lauri M
i love that Hot Tub
Sooo cool!!!
so nice I want it so bad!
Bella k
best pool ever
Mike M
That guy alone looks pissed haha
Very modern and luxurious looking but something about it looks slightly awkward.
how comfortable!!!
omg I want that it my room!
like it.......
that is awesome! but only for 18 years and up right?
:O I want that sooooo bad. Coolest thing EVER
omg that's so cool
I WANT IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
where can I get this thing? Ohsem! haha
Really cool , I'd like to have one of those !
That would be awesome to have it in your backyard and you could just fall into it!!
may p
i am going to get this
may p
yay 500th comment hurray
To kool for Pre School! Nice!!!
What type of Tv do they have and what do they watch 
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