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Mark Aaron Murnahan

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Are you planning to get fit in 2013? These are friends of mine, and they are all about fitness!
Pure Pilates of Fort Lauderdale FL provides studio Pilates instruction, certification, and training.
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Kurt W
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Mark Aaron Murnahan

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Star Wars Fans: My son's 10th birthday cake is finished. Do you recognize this Hutt?
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No . . . but I'll take a Jaba at it.
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Mark Aaron Murnahan

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The time has finally come when I can make the announcement I have waited anxiously to share.

As my friends know, I made a decision in early 2012 to change my career path. I had simply stopped feeling the love in my work, and I was ready for a monumental change. The change I had expected was to work as a Chief Marketing Officer or Senior Vice President of marketing for a corporation other than my own. That would be a big change, but it was very exciting to me, and felt like a breath of fresh air. The biggest obstacle would be to find a company I could respect and feel good about.

My path was changing for a few years - but 2012 was monumental. As a marketing professional since the late 1980's, I realized a huge shift since 2009 the likes of which I had not seen in the preceding decades. It was as if clients were almost intentionally sabotaging their own companies and stopped taking even the most prudent and well-researched advice. They all seemed to gain confidence in their own "gut feelings" (mostly fear-induced) while putting solid market research and planning to waste.

Many companies became increasingly confident that Facebook and Twitter would save their businesses, and that purpose-centered strategy and planning was mythical - like hunting leprechauns from the back of a unicorn.

The business shortsightedness I have witnessed, from large companies and small companies alike, made my work feel unbearable. It became harder all the time to refrain from choking people when I could provide solid mathematics to show why they would soon be out of business without changing their ways. It started to feel like the whole world had gone mad - and it really kind of did.

After a lot of searching for a company that could give me a special feeling where I could use my talents and enjoy my work, I finally found one in an unexpected place.

You see, I have been a chief executive of a leading technology company for many years, and a marketing consultant for many more. Mostly, people do not really even understand the work I have done - but I have done it well, and with great pride and integrity.

It was very rewarding, but change is inevitable.

Today is the day when I begin my "do-over" and begin to enjoy my career again.

A short time ago, earlier today, I wrote a check that sets me on a new career path. that check was to open a new location for Mad Eliza's Cakes and Confections. This is an established company we created in 2009 and managed by my wife, Peggy. The company has earned a great reputation, and amazing base of customers that have truly filled our hearts.

We have talked about expansion for years, but we knew that my market value was significantly high enough to make it worth having Peggy commute from New York, San Francisco, Seattle - or wherever we ended up - to Topeka, in order to complete existing customer orders and then shut the doors on Mad Eliza's.

Then, after a recent wedding consultation, we both reflected on how much joy it brings us to serve our customers. That is when we decided my search was over. We already owned the company that would become my new full-time passion.

This has been a very thoroughly planned endeavor and one which has been a very emotional and exciting one for our family.

We expect construction of our new facility to begin in late September and we have planned for a November first opening date.

We are excited to announce our new Wanamaker Road location coming soon. We hope that you will come and see us and continue to share the joy we have come to love about our customers.

Very soon, you will not have to order so long in advance, and we will be there to serve you when you find yourself in need of a cupcake, a slice of cheesecake, a cookie, cinnamon roll, or a cup of coffee.
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Mark Aaron Murnahan

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I asked Twitter a question, but in Twitter fashion, I guess it was easy to overlook and view as rhetorical. So, I'll ask my G+ friends the same. The question was as follows:

I am seeking a new job in marketing leadership and I will appreciate critical reviews. Do I look "employable"?

I am sincere in my question, and I will appreciate any feedback you can offer.
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Looks good, I sent it out on Twitter.
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Mark Aaron Murnahan

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If you're still confused by SEO and online marketing, consider what Google knows. If you continue stumble, read my blog ... It's free!
We first wrote these “10 things” when Google was just a few years old. From time to time we revisit this list to see if it still holds true. We hope it does—and you can hold us to that. Focus on the u...
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Mark Aaron Murnahan

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SNAP I pulled a hammy!
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I came back with a 15.2 but still think I'm too old for this sport. :-O
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Mark Aaron Murnahan

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FedEx some down to me Mark!!
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Mark Aaron Murnahan

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There's no turning back now ... it has been blogged! :-O
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You haven't gotten this much attention from me in months. Yikes!
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Mark Aaron Murnahan

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In a non-partisan way, I would like to present you with this snapshot of the USA debt as it stood when I posted this.

In an election year, it is common that everybody wants it their way. We tried that, and it seems it has not worked out so well.

I think it is time to note that politicians of all flavors are not in it for you, but rather for themselves and the interests which support them.

It is hard to call anything a solution until you get the American public on board with the fact that significant and uncomfortable changes are in order. This nation has not kept up with its critical infrastructure demands in decades, and yet we still find ways to spend more money on more things than ever - because the people demand it that way.

Until there is an accepted practice of political leaders telling the truth about the very difficult changes which must be made, and stop yielding to impossible demands of each and every citizen, the hopes of any solution seems bleak.

Everybody will have sacrifices to make - and not just those people voting for the other candidate ... all of us. It is unlikely to come voluntarily, but it will come. Tragically, it may just come with a different flag and a different political system. That's how it happens when you let it go too far. Has it already gone too far? Possibly.

Now that you've seen the debt, go and see what it is right now. If you can still hold your hands steady, type in what it says on the line "US National Debt" when you read this.
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Mark Aaron Murnahan

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I wonder if Apple will sue grocery stores for selling fruits that are confusingly similar to their logo. :-O
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Nah or maybe Ford and Toyota should start doing the same thing. Apple has some ridiculous patents for things they did not even create. It's time that the patent system gets a revision. All of this shows you how weak the system is and anyone could manipulate the system. If Apple thinks that everyone wants their crappy phone they are in for a rude awakening because we want choice and not everyone likes the iphone.
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Mark Aaron Murnahan

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This was especially cool when they put a woman in there with the three motorcycles. It is all fun and games until somebody gets their hair caught in a motorcycle chain. o_O
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Mark Aaron Murnahan

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I just saw this "Miniatur Wunderland" on Science Channel's "How Do They Do It?" If you are not amazed, fine - but I doubt that will be the case!

Don't miss the airport in the video. It is a truly incredible engineering and artistic accomplishment. 
Maybe I am just easily entertained, but this place fascinates me. I think you will feel the same after watching this video. Don't miss the airport - it is stunning! See more at http://www.miniatur-wu...
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