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Hello all:

Writing from Mexico City, Just bought a XiaoMi A1 smartphone for a family member at home.

This phone currently has Android 7.1.2 with December 2017 security update. As far as I know and understand, it is expected to get Android 8.0 Oreo anytime.

But, nonetheless, it has been several days since we got the phone but the OTA is nowhere to be seen yet. Questions thus are:

Are OTA upgrades somewhat affected by the SIM operator currently installed in the phone? (in other words: Could the operator be blocking the OTA somehow, despite the phone being SIM unlocked?)

Is there a way to download the Android 8.0 image and flash it? As it is done in Google's Nexus and Pixel phones? Or, is there a way to force the upgrade to 8.0?

We are moving from a Nexus 5X to this Mi A1....all seems right so far except this Android 8.0 not upgrading AND, the fact also that certain apps (such as the smartlock Kevo Kwikset app) do not recognize this phone as having Bluetooth Low Energy as to operate with the Kevo lock. I suspect Kevo's fault anyway.

Your comments are more than welcome... Thanks in advance.

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+Carlie Fairchild, Publisher of Linux Journal

I know about the closing of Linux Journal ... it is so sad !

I as a contributor, for many years, on Best of Tech Support, I enjoyed it so much...great times, great people, great partner writers...

Is there anything that can be done, community wise, to save LJ. I'd be willing to lead an effort to save LJ, obviously in a totally different scheme to what is now... I think there are several formulas that could work... let's explore what can be done.

Second: As a contributor, I'd love to have a copy of the CD / DVD with all the LJ issues, from number 1, up to that last one on this November 2017. Is there a way such downloadable file or CD can be obtained? purchased? where? how? Any pointers on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

Let me know any thoughts on the above. Hope you can read this message.

Thanks and best regards from Mexico City.

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El futuro del A380 no se ve nada halagador... hasta suena que tiene sus días muy contados... Qué pena.

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