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Brilliant tune Anton! Keep up the good work... any idea when you might have a new record out?
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Basic Information
Retired "inside-left"


I like honesty, clarity, eating and sleeping; I especially enjoy having a laugh, and believe that there is a funny side to everything. Always!


I find most things tragically and massively underwhelming; especially people. Most are incredibly selfish and there is little integrity, respect, morals, honesty, decency and subsequently there’s next to no trust; it's sad and depressing.


I’m can appear to be reasonably arrogant on occasions (but this is either based on something tangible or just for comedy), I am mostly stubborn and always cynical. I like to see myself a decent, reliable person; who tries to atone for the mistakes I make – I’m sure it goies without saying that I rarely make mistakes ;)

I now make more of a conscious effort to try not to offend people when I can prevent it, but am more than happy to put someone down if they require it (and I’ll probably go too far).





* Music. I couldn't live without it

* Passion - without it life is flat and stale. If you don't have a passion for something, whatever it is person, activity, anything tangible or intangible - you're missing out.

* The Internet; computers; technology.

* Nice things; the finer things in life.

* People that take don't take themselves too seriously

* People not getting my humour - (it's far more funny to see the bewildered look and them wandering if I'm being serious or not than someone laughing)

* Time to myself

* Adidas Originals

* People that respect themselves and their credibility; being able to look yourself in the mirror each day is important.

* Pretty Girls (especially those wearing Knee High Boots (with heels), Short skirts & Stockings especially Fishnets)

* Sunny Weather

* Conspiracy Theories

* Irony, Sarcasm

* Making assumptions (I'm usually right tbf)

* Being Right ;0)

* Recognising your flaws and addressing them or hiding them ;0) 

* Food (hence being overweight)

* The (once) MIGHTY Aston Villa





* Waiting.

* Puppets and Sheep. Don't do/wear/watch/listen to/buy what others tell you. Get some opinions, beliefs and if they are part of you and your make up be proud of them and defend them to the hilt - don't conform.

Don't be a follower, become a Leader.

* Lack of credibility - if it's not credible then don’t try to defend it. We all have to 'sell out' to some degree at some points but try to do it as little as possible if you respect your individual credibility and be aware when you haven't been able to.

* Chasing after people (rarely do it if I can help it)

* People that are false (be yourself), stupid, unreliable, racist (judge a person by their actions not colour or race), pretentious, take themselves too seriously, have opinions 'just to have an opinion' rather than actually believe in something themselves - especially twits that read and believe all the bullshit pedalled in the media, act as sheep, wear flip-flops in inappropiate places, who act like Martyrs, use the word 'random' incorrectly & 'of' instead of 'have'.

* PEOPLE. They generally are - or at least behave like - c*nts and/ or let you down. Misanthropy FTW.. Let the robots take over!

* People that use "Business Speak" and /or inappropriate vocabulary and /or over formality in an attempt to make them feel clever/superior. It doesn't work and genuinely intelligent people see through you.

* Dedicated followers of Fashion. If it looks stupid don't wear it, unless it's for comedic value.

* Everything & everyone else B-)



Aims in life:


* Become part-man/robot

* Complete the internet (first of all using command line, then in binary)

* Find a lover that's finer than gold

* Successfully chat-up an A-list model / celebrity female

* Meet Dalian Atkinson

* Meet Pele

* To 'Merk' Rio Ferdinand

* Score a goal past a world-class goalkeeper

* To Soldier Boy Dance with Robert Jewkes and Nigel Reo Coker with Anton Ferdinand commentating and Rio Ferdinand to be dropping the beats.