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Adam “Hairthulhu” Cross
Ask me about my imaginary friends!
Ask me about my imaginary friends!


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...but is it actually rickrolling if...?

This cover doesn't suck, by the way.

h/t the person who shared privately

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I don't want to cheapen this by just putting up a gif and leaving. Honestly, though, sometimes the only way to put up with this shit is to distance yourself from it.
I'm a joker. I like to joke. I am very much one of those people that thinks humor has a point and a purpose: namely, that it points out, and to some degree criticises, the human condition. I honestly don't think humans will ever not judge eachother in some form or another, but I also think we should pay attention to what we do and why we do it.
There is nothing funny about what it happening. I will not cheapen it with a joke.
If you go "If these people would stop living in the past..." you miss the point. Slavery happened, but it is only part of the problem. The problem is people being arrested disproportionally, based on skin color. The problem is people being OK to shoot, because they look different.
And this is an intrinsic problem. It goes for everybody. If I got shot in cold blood by a black man, a brown man, hell, someone who was known to be a Jew, I damn well know they wouldn't get off easy.
"I have black friends" sounds stereotypical, but I think it is necessary. I am, admittedly, a white, straight man of European decent. I'm even from the most acceptable part of Europe: I'm German by blood. It doesn't affect me directly. But it affects me because it affects my friends.
And that's how it should be. It affects me because I am human, and so are they. And it should affect you.
If you think the KKK and BLM are the same thing, you need to pull your head out of your ass and do some research.
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You know those people who insist on correcting your grammar? Show this video to them. It's a (mostly) polite reminder than grammar changes over time, and that the rules shouldn't be adhered to so strictly. 

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I enjoy writing. I enjoy sharing my stories. Ideally I can do both.

Damn drafts.

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