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Update - Grit and Grind Forward
The most cuddly volunteer stint The last few months have been anything but boring, but not
in ways I anticipated. After racing in Brussels, I took a few weeks rest, thoroughly enjoying the things that I choose to limit during hard
training – staying up late...

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Olympics Recap
Wow. I have almost no words for the last few months, but let’s be
real – I wasn't built with a mute button! As you know, I competed in my first Olympics
in the 5000m this summer. Writing this still makes me shake because at times I just can’t believe
it h...

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Oh My Goodness Its 2016!
Happy New Year everyone! Since my last post, time has both crawled and moved so fast that I've caught myself several times forgetting to breath! When I got hurt in June, people told me that I'd learn something from my injury and come back stronger than ever...

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If you recall the Grade 6 Greek mythology unit, you may
remember that Achilles was a Trojan war hero who’s biggest claim to fame was
being completely invincible, except for a teeny tiny spot on the back of his
heel. He met his ultimate demise when he was sh...

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Spring Adventures
Its my favourite time of the year – spring track season!
Nothing gets me more excited than training outside in the sunshine, refuelling
with some froyo, and being reunited with friends at the first few races of the
year. It’s spring track, baby! I opened my...

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Living the High Life
For the last few years, April has meant chocolate binges,
the eventual melting of the central Alberta tundra, and intense pangs of
jealousy as the entire Canadian distance running contingency posts gorgeous
photos of training runs and exploration in Arizona...

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The thing about being a student athlete…
…is that you are busy. SO busy. So busy that you stop
posting in your brand new blog after a whopping two posts! I’m currently in the “writing” phase of my Master’s degree,
meaning that I’m wrapping up some data analysis from my project and composing
my the...
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