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#LastRefuge: A Meditative Experiment
Much is being made in academia of the need
for SLOW time – not least to combat the neo-liberal, marketised, rational,
agile, flexible, measurable, inputs, outputs, tests, SATs, League Tables… that
is education today. The whole glorious, messy business of fi...
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MAF #3: Inclusive assessment – and a little problem for the holidays
are many reasons to consider alternative or inclusive assessments – from the
push for more engaging and compelling assessment tasks and modes – you know –
tasks that are more exciting than producing a recursive report that mainly
regurgitates the cour...
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MAF Preparation for Session #2 (Spring 2016): Assessment of- versus assessment for learning
It is argued that many
students do not read or even access their feedback – many do not
perceive the formative value of summative feedback, especially when a particular course of
study is over. T ypical practice sees feedback as correction, or justification...
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WBLT #3: e-Learner: evidence of participation in an online event as a learner and a critical account of the experience.
What is web-based learning and teaching? WBLT
exists in a continuum from courses that are completely online to more blended
approaches where F2F teaching is either supported by use of ICT or, and this is
a more contested proposition, ‘enhanced’ by ICT in so...
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Sandra Sinfield commented on a post on Blogger.
Essential Reading:
1. Download and read Chapters One and Two (pages 7-44): 
Norman D. Vaughan, Martha Cleveland-Innes and D. Randy Garrison (2013):
Teaching in Blended learning environments: Creating and Sustaining Communities of Inquiry

2. Then read Chapters One to Three: Vai, M & Sosulski, K (2011):
Essentials of Online Course Design: A Standards-Based Guide
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#WBLT: Web Based Learning and Teaching #2: eDesigner
#Take5: Web Based Learning and Teaching #2:
eDesigner We
have started the journey to our first low stakes formative assessment:
storyboarding our VMLE. I managed to get on to Course Sites last
week – now the journey to crafting an engaging and liberating co...
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MAF#1: Introduction to Managing the Assessment and Feedback process
to the MAF blog – and to MAF itself. We look forward to exploring assessment
and feedback with you… This
module asks you to investigate the theory and practice of Assessment and
Feedback – and to relate that to your own practice. It is intended to h...
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Web Based Learning and Teaching #1: Cool course - cool ways to start a course
have just started a formal blended learning MA module: Web Based Learning and
Teaching for my professional development. I love my MOOCs – but occasionally I
also enjoy the shape and feel of a formal course. I enjoy being with real live
human beings in a c...
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