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There were, in fact, some good things about Zack Snyder's portrayal of the Superman myth.

Specifically, the glimpses of Kryptonian personality, culture, and society, add something really useful and illuminating to the myth of the character.

Kryptonians by that point were designed, molded, and trained, for their role in their ancient and functional society.
The members of the Planetary Counsel could only conceive of political and law-enforcement ways to understand and deal with the problem.
Dru-Zod could only conceive of military ways to understand and deal with the problem.
Lara Lor-Van only knew of records of the past to understand and deal with the problem.
Even Jor-El could only conceive of scientific and technological ways to understand and deal with the problem. It was only by sheer luck and accident that he found a solution at all, and his solution was extraordinarily constrained.

With the tools and wealth available to them, there was an obvious way to save their culture and their population, but they were completely trapped by their own culture.

Which is a good thing, narratively. A galaxy full of a billion Kryptonians is a Lovecraftian horror. One single Kryptonian is a Lovecraftian horror, in even a slightly more realistic setting.

Swell. YET ANOTHER corporate chat system:

My rant about how idiotic it is to tightly couple something's UI with it's network protocol with it's API with it's data model with it's implementation gets more and more true every passing week.

Yesterday, in an ongoing facebook messenger chat I have with a friend of mine, FBM inserted a message what was very obviously from neither of us, and was meant to be read by somebody else, and was pretty personal to those people.

Mis-delivery of messages is something that should not be that hard for a chat system to not do, but it's apparently too much for FBM to manage. Do not use FBM for anything really important.

Lisp was not invented. It was discovered.

I am slowly gearing up to make the argument that NTPv5 (and probably also UNIX epoch time) should use TAI, not UTC. Leap seconds are a mere local presentation level issue, like timezones, and should be handed in a similar way, with an out-of-band delivered lookup and correction table to be used by the presentation and display layer.

If any computer system really actually MUST be sync'ed to this one planet's rotational and orbital deviations, it's not going to use UTC anyway (which can be up to 0.5 seconds or 230 meters off true), but will be getting it's own source of sidereal and synodic corrections.

Defending something as "valid" just means one can't defend it as "correct".

"You want to make your way in the CS field? Simple. Calculate rough time of amnesia (hell, 10 years is plenty, probably 10 months is plenty), go to the dusty archives, dig out something fun, and go for it. It’s worked for many people, and it can work for you." //Ron Minnich 

The only reason I ever open the Google Plus app on my phone is for the "where is this person" feature. And it's illuminating that is the only place where Google makes that data available. It's not in the Maps app, in the Contacts app, in the maps webUI, in the contacts webUI, or even in the G+ webUI. I strongly suspect it was done that way just to crowbar people into running that one particular app regularly, so they can have internal metrics demonstrating to themselves that regular people actually use G+.

A few generations ago, a major part of the formal technique used on classically educated English-speaking schoolchildren was to study reading Spanish by laboriously hand translating Don Quixote with a Spanish/English dictionary, and Italian with Dante, and Latin with Cicero.
What would the equivalent works be for... German, or French, or Russian, or Arabic, or Mandarin, or Japanese?

Today's "Mark Being Annoyed" is: "Vulcan Nerve Pinches", e.g. "press and hold the following combinations of buttons for so many seconds and wait for thing to happen" UX/UI antipattern. It is lazy, stupid, and incompetent.

One of the things I am most proud of of my work at Digeo on the Moxi STB was to unilaterally remove the several dozen ad-hoc vulcan nerve pinches that had been each randomly coded over time into the IR remote receiver microcontroller and the the front panel microcontroller, ripping them all out, cleaning up the event poll loops (and fixing more than a few bugs on the way), and replacing them all with one single simple button chord, that would instantly (no press and hold for N seconds, no press N times) go into "exceptional service request mode", which was then fully documented in the source code, in the developer docs, in the field technician's manual, and in the test user manual.

Especially no "wait 30 seconds while holding 3 buttons, and maybe it will work" bullshit.

A UI of "press the following chord of buttons and wait N seconds, while we give no feedback" is bad design, and the people who design and implement it, and should go into another line of work, far far far away from software.
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