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Seyra Rico
Blogger of Pavements are Runways
Blogger of Pavements are Runways

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Printed Bodycon Dress
Hi, there! Sorry for the not posting, for I found a job I like at an international development organization and I am still adjusting to my schedule. I work during the night and it's harder to find time to write when you feel so sleep every day. I'm also fee...

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Casual Weekend Outfit
I have to admit, the past couple of months have been brutal. There are times I felt like a failure. Like my university degree and Latin honors didn't amount to anything. And it doesn't, given this rotten economic state of our country--I live in a developing...

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Hydro Manila Music Festival happened last August 20, and I was there to witness it all. Prior to this event, I have only attended a rave once, Vibrant 2016, which was a rave with glow in the dark paints, and it was extremely fun.Hydro is on it's second year...

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Lace It Up
If there are certain styles I can't keep away from, those will be studs, spikes and laces. When I first saw this trend, from the Kardashians no less, since my sister is a huge fan, as in " Ate -I-downloaded-the-episodes-and-installed-Kylie-and-Kendall-app f...

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Bodycon Dress
Blogging, especially fashion blogging, can be narcissistic. You blog about what, how and why you wear a certain outfit like it's the most important thing in the world. But this can also be a way to learn, for I got in touch with my comrade Naj again for thi...

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During graduation photo shoots in my university, people unleash their dreams and passions. There's one who poured paint all over himself, or dressed up as a ballerina. But for some who didn't have time to think of something, students usually go nude. It's a...

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Sweater Weather
Rainy season's here, and we should not suffer from drab clothing that inspires us to dress in neutral colors. Try colors from the same color scheme--like this pink and maroon ensemble. It's harder to shoot nowadays, too, because you can never tell with the ...

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National Museum
When National Museum announced that entrance is free for everyone--any day of the week, my sister and I couldn't resist. One, because I made a promise to take her, and two, it's high time for her to experience the glory that Filipino artists has to offer. S...

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Shop until you Drop with Shopback
Face it. We all share the same struggle of running out of money whenever we shop. I am one of those people who NEEDS accessories to go that new dress, or even a new top to go with a hat. I sometimes can't think of anything to match my clothes. Blame it on m...

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Six years ago, I decided to take the UPCAT. All I remember was the test was so long and my neck hurt from all that looking down and shading the circles. I thought I didn't pass come results, but it turned out that I wasn't looking properly. On the average, ...
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