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mysql cheat sheet
How to grant access any user to mysql from one network $ mysql -p
(root@localhost@localhost) 03:49:13 [mysql]> grant all on . to ''@'192.168.10.%';
$service mysql reload For this changes to be effective I needed to reload the mysql. Surprisingly these 2 c...

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How to automatically rotate the root password on cloud server
Description I need to create a public cloud server and use it as a bastion in a secure way. I hate the java/javascript console that you have to use when something doesn't work with your cloud. I want to keep the root user enabled. As leaving the password au...

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How to use F5 Wireshark Plugin for LTM troubleshooting
In this post we are going to look how to use F5 Wireshark Plugin to troubleshoot networking issues on BigIP LTM. Download the and install the plugin in your Wireshark The full instruction are here F5 Wireshark Plugin . In essence you needed to copy the f5et...

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Simple MySQL and SQL exercises
How to create a sample MySQL data base and user You can download an example data base sql file from here: . After unziping you should find following file: rado2@ubuntu12-04:~$ ls -la mysqlsampledataba...

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What is the difference between XenServer vs Xen vx XCP vs XAPI
It wasn't clear to me at fist what the differences are between XenServer, Xen and XCP. To make it even more confusing the documentation in many place were referring to XAPI and its importance in managing the hypervisors. To understand what the XAPI is and h...

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How to install ipython on XenServer and test XAPI
We've been using the more user friendly shell to interact with python before: ipython . The example below are showing first how to install and enable EPEL repository to be able to install ipython. Next we are going to write a simple XAPI demo program. Insta...

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Create a VM on an isolated network
For experimenting and testing we want to have a VM that is attached to an isolated network. In the script below in the part 1) we Take a clone of an existing VM Create a new private network Create and attached new interface to our VM  Next in part 2) we con...

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Using xe how to boot a VM in XenServer
After we have installed XenServer   there is a time to spin up an VM to test. Below are d References rrrr

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Linux Bash cheat sheet
I've spend some time googling for bash shortcats using phrases like: bash readline shortcat, copy and paste text to bash clipboard, etc  ... I always forget how to do this, especially when I don't work on Linux for a while. Below is a list of my favorite (h...

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Install XenServer from USB over iKVM on the server
I've had a problem using my XenServer on VMware Workstation . I needed instead to install it on my dedicated server i have. Some of my notes: Enabled iKVM on the server:  How to enable IPMI settings in BIOS on Tyan S8225 motherboard Disable java security pe...
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