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Steve Black
Customer Communication Specialist: Thunderhead, Documentum, InputAccel, eRoom, SharePoint
Customer Communication Specialist: Thunderhead, Documentum, InputAccel, eRoom, SharePoint

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During the past few weeks I've been consumed and stressed out by my need for high end audio gear. The loss of self control was a result of "because I can". While debating whether I should buy another pair of quality headphones the DEC appeal was shown on TV. This brought back memories of my previous G+ posts about keeping it real.

Headphone purchase postponed. Donation made to DEC. No more worries.

Hopefully we don't end up with images like those in the mid 80s. I first saw this video when I was a teenager. It affected me then and even more so now. I see my son and daughters in the faces of those children shown in the video and it breaks my heart.

This video will likely ruin your day. If so just scroll on to the next post in your stream.

Where there is charity there is hope. After all I'm a product of charity!

#dec #eastafrica #famine 

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Exciting energy discussions. So positive. Good for the planet. Happy.

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This Fox "News" coverage of this Hitleresque order is so sickenly positive. The closest it gets to criticism is to say opponents called it a witch hunt. NO! Opponents call it straight from the Hitler playbook.

I looked this information up expecting it to be fake, disproved and exaggerated by anti-Trump supporters. What I found on Fox made me feel ill.


47 degrees up the road in Hay NSW today. 12.30 and it is still 34.

Try to keep cool out there.

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Can I block posts about a topic or key word? I'd like to block all the drivel of a certain president that is filling my stream without blocking the good stuff from people who post about a lot of topics.

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why so late? why not 20 years ago? why not now?

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#newIphone #fakenews
actually humans, you all suck.
Today there are just 7,100 cheetahs left in the wild, according to the new study.

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