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Custom item textures!
Better Glass! More transparency options for glass textures.
Better Skies. Add your own textures to the day and night skies. Many options for fading and blending.
Connected Textures.
Custom Colors mod. Texture pack authors can now customize many colors in the game including swamps, lighting, and more. See Misa's texture pack for examples.
Balthichou's RandomMobs mod.
Extended animation, mipmapping, and font support.
Ability to load other mods like ModLoader. See "Installing other Mods" for details.
Ability to save and load mod profiles and switch between them easily. Also organize your mods by the Minecraft version they go with.

Notes and Recent Changes:

Updated to 1.8.4. Note: Some features such as Better Glass are not yet implemented in 1.8.
New biome colormap format.
Custom item textures. Show different textures based on item damage, stack size, and NBT data. Custom enchanments and armor model textures are also supported.
Compatible with Forge, FML standalone, and LiteLoader.

Ad links are available for those who wish to support this project. Or you may donate via paypal:

MCPatcher for the new launcher:
Windows only:
Alternate download
md5sum: 06f828cbfee2cc826c0f42a72f7f6787
All other platforms:
Alternate download
md5sum: 9ef73b0e69ecfecfd69714dd57d8906b

Basic Instructions:[list=1] [list]
Download the correct version of the patcher for your OS.Double-click the patcher. You should see this:
If the wrong Minecraft version is shown (1.6.1 instead of 1.6.2 for example), use the right-hand dropdown box to select the proper version.If you would like Better Grass (full grass texture on the sides of grass blocks next to other grass blocks), select the Options tab, scroll down to Connected Textures, and check the box next to Better Grass.Click Patch.Close MCPatcher and start the game normally. Ensure that the patched profile (e.g., MCPatcher, not your username) is selected in the game's launcher. Or click Test Minecraft to run Minecraft without logging in (single-player only).[/list]
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