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Lisa Anderson
Born twice. Died once. Enjoying life that won't end.
Born twice. Died once. Enjoying life that won't end.

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I firmly believe Heaven will be populated with the desperate...the tenacious. The determined. The zealous. The single-minded. The steadfast...

This week's focus on the blog ( & Twitter: Being #dangerous When was the last time you frightened the devil?

Meanwhile...get up & be dangerous!

...There is frustration with being a slave – and that term hurts my pride. I prefer “servant”, because it strokes my more “spiritual” side. And a servant decides who and when they will serve. And a servant gets paid and their opinions get heard.

I find that one side of my personality loves to doodle on all my notes, whilst the other side gets irritated at said doodles cluttering an orderly page and must then restart the notes on a clean page. It makes for interesting staff meetings.

I am an introvert by nature, but my true personality comes out on social media. I am a webtrovert

I've declared 2013 the year of Social Media. Separate accounts for business and personal - following all the right people... I will learn to use it but good. Plus it's a great excuse to be online more. Like I need an excuse.

Another great post from @MichaelHyatt on characteristics of weak leaders. Don't be one, don't promote them.

I am in love with Lobster 1.4 font. I would marry it. And have little font babies. With the cutest typefaces.

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