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+Bryan Lunduke 
FYI. I read your Linux adultOS tablet article today. Wondering if this is a good one.

+Bryan Lunduke​ what about Android? I understand it isn't 100% open source but technically it is Linux based ...

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Sir, You Are Being Hunted from the Humble Indie Bundle 15 running natively on Arch Linux

That moment when you realize you are a Canonical Fanonical #UbuntuUser thank you +Mark Shuttleworth for launching such an awesome product! 

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I did it.  I pulled the trigger.  All of my eBooks, comics (etc.) are now obtained (DRM-free, natch) over on my brand-spanking new +Patreon page.

Big thanks to everyone who offered me guidance and advice on how to properly set this up and run this.

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Hey +The Huffington Post regarding
Did you guys do a whois look up on Interesting stuff out there. Domain owner/technical contact is Robert Russo. Basic Google search of him + clinton resolves to a top hit for a Robert Russo,Director of Correspondence and Briefings at Hillary for America, see for webscreen shots plus PDFs I preserved.

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Is #DavidBrockBrainless? Are Clinton's leach dogs imitating rocks? This is the best they could do? Corbyn RAN in the UK. ZERO to do with the US. How is that authentic self thing going for their campaign? What's next will she authentically talk about the vast right wing conspiracy against her? Lol. 

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UPDATE: I wrongly accused Mr Horwath of disabling comments. I jumped the gun. Google's crappy iOS Plus client sucks.
I apologize to Mr. Horwath.

NOPE. +Matthew Horwath doesn't have a clue. Hillary Clinton politicized and talked at the black lives matter folks who have approached her. now +Matthew Horwath even shut down comments on his own thread. just like Hillary Clinton would do. ha ha ha. #sanders2016 Clinton doesn't know how to campaign in 2015 anymore than she did in 2008. #Fail .
I'm not trying to detract the work that Senator Sanders has done for civil rights in this country, nor do I think he's any less worthy of praise for the work he's done for the poor and underprivileged. His work for civil rights is outstanding and he should be applauded for it. The problem is that he's not a leader. He doesn't have that quality that enables him to stand up for himself, and for the country he's hoping to represent. Bringing up Hillary, she handled the Black Lives Matter protesters extremely well, incredibly well. Bernie didn't, and became a victim of their rhetoric. 

In relation to him apologizing for everything, for saying that America is born of "Racist" principles? How can you ever hope to lead a nationwide constituency and lead a country if you vilify the founding fathers and show disdain for it? He needs to spend less time complaining and apologizing for the past and more time showing how he'll improve the future.
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