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Following the Events in the Muslim World
Following the Events in the Muslim World

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Issues in Focus - Episode 08: How the World is Seeking to Weaken the Rebels in #Syria | The Revolution Observer

Join analysts Bilal Khan and Abu Anas in their discussion of how the international community sought to preserve Bashar al-Assad’s position against the rebels, despite talk of intervention.

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Shale Energy Effect on Geopolitics | The Revolution Observer

Shale energy continues to make global headlines as the development of new technologies in extraction and drilling have made previously unrecoverable energy resources now recoverable. The shale gas energy revolution has changed the face of the energy landscape in the US.

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Why the US Cannot Win in #Egypt | The Revolution Observer

The return of the ‘old guard’ in Egypt following a violent coup d’etat has had repercussions far beyond Egypt and the Middle East. This represents serious implications for America’s influence in the region.

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Will the US Attack the Syrian Regime? | The Revolution Observer

US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said that the Pentagon has ordered some naval assets to move closer to #Syria in preparation for a possible military strike using cruise missile. Will the US strike the Assad regime?

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Issues in Focus - Episode 02: Egyptian Army Politics | The Revolution Observer

Join Imran Hasan and Revolution Observer analyst Adnan Khan for insightful inquiry of the Egyptian Military and its role in shaping Egypt’s political destiny, past, present and future.

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Special Report: Day of Rage in Lebanon | The Revolution Observer

In the final week of June 2013, the Lebanese Army stormed and took control of Bilal Bin Rabah mosque, in the Sidon, Lebanon. Revolution Observer brings a special report by our contributor from Lebanon, to shed light on those events and their aftermath in the Lebanese scene.

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Issues in Focus - Episode 01: The Overthrow of President ‪#‎Morsi‬ and the Fate of ‪#‎Egypt‬

Join Cengiz Ceyhun and Revolution Observer analyst Abu Anas in a discussion regarding the overthrow of President Morsi, Egypt's power-dynamics as well as its fate moving forward.

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Selective Reporting of #Syria‬  | The Revolution Observer | Jul 18, 2013

The battle for Syria has now been raging for over two years. Whilst most of the attention has been focused on various events and developments on the ground; there is another aspect to this war. That of the information war.

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‪#‎Egypt‬ After ‪#‎Morsi‬: Chaos or Bloodshed? | The Revolution Observer | Jul 10, 2013

The ousting of elected president Mohammed Morsi has brought Egypt back to an era of instability. Hundreds of thousands of protesters both for and against Morsi have filled the streets of Egypt. 

With all this turmoil, the question remains, where is Egypt headed to?
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