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Established in 1997, our complete online payment system comes with all the features, add-ons and elements you will ever need to accept credit and debit cards online
Established in 1997, our complete online payment system comes with all the features, add-ons and elements you will ever need to accept credit and debit cards online

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Refer an adult account to us and we'll split the set-up fee with you once they go live. We like to reward customers that recommend us to their friends, family and professional networks. That’s why we’ve launched a referral scheme to show you our appreciation.

Refer a new customer and we'll split the set-up fee as thanks. And the best part is that you don't even need to be a customer of ours, or even a business. Anyone can refer an account to us as many time as they like!

How much will I get?

This depends on whether or not they go for our standard account with a set-up fee of £300 or they go for our special offer whereby they can set the rate at just 5% but pay a £950 set-up.

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Business Help & Support Central

Providing you with a smooth payment process and ongoing assistance
Setting you up with the ability to process payments is just the beginning. We want you to succeed in business and are here to help with all your business needs

Coming soon... if you switch from your current adult provider we will place you on a rate of just 2.9% - terms apply

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Limited time offer for all adult merchants... Set your transaction rate to just 5% regardless of turnover.

With our adult accounts we offer different set pricing bands depending on turnover. Transaction rates are from as little as 5% and go up to 8%... the bigger the turnover, the less you pay.

However do you envisage a more modest monthly turnover but want to get the great low rate of just 5%?

Well for a limited time only we are offering our lowest rate of 5% to everyone, regardless of turnover.

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Looking to switch? New 1.2% switch rate now available

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We can now set-up a merchant account and payment gateway in just 24 - 48 hours. Once the 'completed' application has been received, including ALL documents and ID that may be requested, the merchant account and payment gateway can be approved and up and running in just 48 hours

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Virtual Terminal - Customers expect to be able to pay by card over the phone. By having the ability to accept cards online as well as accept payments by phone it massively increases sales and conversions.

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Grow your business with our smart phone card readers.

Join us now and get FREE transactions Accept up to £2,000 at 0% per transaction during your first month. When you've reached the limit, our regular great Smart Rate applies

Are you aware of the new MasterCard rules coming in December with regards to subscription payments and MOTO transactions?

MasterCard recently announced changes on how authorisations for Recurring and MOTO transactions have to be sent. MasterCard is no longer allowing pre-authorisations for Recurring and MOTO to be sent out for all MasterCard transactions. Instead, MasterCard now states that Recurring and MOTO transactions must be sent out as final authorisations.
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