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Lottery analysis and lotto prediction software
Lottery analysis and lotto prediction software

How to use a Generator in Lottery Analyst.
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How to use Settings and Analytics in Lottery Analyst.
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Q - How will Adding or Deleting games from Draw History affect on my prediction?

A - The latest lottery results including all latest updates will be downloaded automatically after loading lottery. When you Add or Delete any game result, it will affect results history only on your local device. Reloading Lottery will automatically clear all your changes.

You can delete the latest result to check and analyze the accuracy of your prediction. This simulation helps you choose the right strategy and parameters.
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Q - What is the Lucky Numbers set?

A - We added this new set of numbers to Generator. By default we are using all numbers from the last game, but you can enter there your favorite numbers. At least one number from this Lucky set will be injected into generated combination.

This set could be empty - just delete all numbers there.
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To minimize a count of generated combinations we use two new parameters for Generator: Intersection and Difference.

Please, look at two pictures below: the examples of Intersection and Difference.

The intersection of two sets A and B is the set that contains all elements of A that also belong to B (or equivalently, all elements of B that also belong to A), but no other elements.

The difference of two sets, written A - B is the set of all elements of A that are not elements of B and is the set of all elements of B that are not elements of A
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Q - What is the general concept of Lottery-Analyst?

A : Our program is based on math statistics and calculates normal distributions - bell curves (Standard Deviation).

For each Ball we have two curves: Historical and Recent.

Historical distribution is based on past draw history (including all games).

The most Recent distribution is based on the count of Analyzed games (most recent games history).

Comparing these two curves, app makes two sets of numbers: Blue numbers (above Historical curve, more frequent) and Red numbers(below Historical curve, less frequent in recent history and most expected).

We suggest you to play on Red sets of numbers. You can check this assumption looking Past Draw History. Clicking on Info button you will see a popup showing the count of Red and count of Blue winning numbers in the most recent history. The percentage of Red numbers is higher than Blue numbers.

You can change the Analyzed History value in Settings to increase % of Red numbers. This value will be different for various lotteries. It depends on count of balls and max number value for your lottery.

Generator will use these parameters to give you the most probable combinations for the next game.
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Link to the NEW version of Lottery-Analyst for iOS:
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Give us some ideas for applications improvement.
Your vision - what needs to be done first is highly important for us.
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Q - How can I use my lucky numbers?
A - In Generator - add your numbers to the corresponded ball's column.
Filters should be disabled.
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Q - What is the right value of Analyzed History parameter for my Lottery?
A - For Fantasy 5 from 39 - I recommend to use 24 games.
For Lotto 6 from 47 - the same value - 24 games.

In Advanced version use Analytics and check the light red line ( historical ) to see where the max is.
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