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Manu “मनु” Forster
"Manus manum lavat." ;)
"Manus manum lavat." ;)

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>> Es gibt eine Reihe von #Fragen, die sich der #Mensch wieder und wieder stellt. Das war schon auf einem Planeten mit Namen #Erde so, der für uns kaum mehr bedeutet als eine phantastische kosmische Sage. Und das wird so sein bis in alle #Zukunft unseres Planeten #Andymon, über der genau wie über der irdischen #Vergangenheit der Schleier der #Zeit liegt. <<

      Angela und Karlheinz Steinmüller

>> Das Thema „Geld“ gibt es dort gar nicht, so selbstverständlich geht’s auch ohne. <<üller

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Standard issue for gay space communists who get pet dogs.

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>> "Yes, well," Tim said, "it also wasn't intelligible. It may well have been glossolalia, for all I know. Maybe there is evidence that the Holy Ghost is here." He reseated himself. "Are we waiting for something?
"he asked me. "You keep looking at your watch. I only have an hour; then I have to get back to the City.
The difficulty that dogma presents is that it strickens the creative spirit in man. Whitehead-Alfred North White-head-has given us the idea of God in process, and he is, or was, a major scientist. Process theology. It all goes back to Jakob Boehme and his 'no-yes' deity, his dialectic deity anticipating Hegel. Boehme based that on Augustine. 'Sic et non,' you know. Latin lacks a precise word for 'yes'; I suppose 'sic' is the closest, although by and large 'sic' is more correctly rendered as 'so,' or 'hence,' or 'in that manner.'
'Quod si hoc nunc sic incipiam? Nihil est. Quod si sic? Tantumdem egero. Et sic-'
"He paused, frowning. " 'Nihil est.' In a distributive language-English is the best example-that would literally mean 'nothing exists.' Of course what Terence means is, 'it is nothing,'with 'id,' or 'it,' understood. Still, there is an enormous thrust in the two-word utterance 'nihil est.'
The amazing power of Latin to compress meaning into the fewest possible words. That and precision are the two most admirable qualities of it, by far. English, however, has the greater vocabulary." <<

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12:40 "... What is Jazz?"
13:27 "... Dao as the Logos... Chinese translation of the Bible..."
16:56 "The basic Chinese idea of the universe... nowhere can you find the controlling center... a #system of interrelated components..." 無為

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"I don't eat human beings": (John Maus)

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"Now, please don't get agitated that this is an anti-intellectual point of view..."

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