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David Wendt
Two Fisted Statistician, Husband, Father, and Aspiring Game Designer
Two Fisted Statistician, Husband, Father, and Aspiring Game Designer

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I will be migrating away from this G+ account to the one tied to my main e-mail address over the coming days and weeks. If you want to stay in touch, you will want to find me there.....

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Love this sort of thing.
I have a wall in my living room with about ten maps of imaginary places... Oz, and Wonderland and Arakis...

Always looking for more.

Looking for some thoughts here. I want to get a tablet computer of some sort.

Some criteria:
* I want to be able to play Hobby Board Games on it. (For example, I have Dixit and Ascension on my first generation iPh0ne - but can't play with others because of the age of the platform. The new device should be able to play these or similar.)
* I want a decent e-reader.
* Web Browsing would be nice, but is not critical.
* Device to write on would be nice, but not critical.
* I still have my phone, so music is not needed.
* I'm not a big movie watcher, so movies are not needed.
* I would like to maintain a reasonable price point.
* I would consider two devices, but only if it involved a price savings. I'm not interested in having too much more to carry.

Complicating issues is the fact that my desktop is in the shop and the guy working on it called yesterday to inform me he "broke" something. [Shudder] Worst case scenario - I loose everything from that machine. Slightly better, but still bad case scenario - I can retrieve the data but need to replace the machine. In this case, I will probably be getting a machine focused on word processing and low-end sound and video recording editing - not another game machine. Best case, he fixes things at no additional cost. [Wish me luck.]

Since I am looking at potentially replacing my desktop as well, the price point is critical.

Any thoughts or recommendations??"

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In the classic run of Excalibur, we saw the "Captain Britain Corps". In a recent run of Fantastic Four, we saw the "Council of Reeds". In both cases, the 'team' is a collection of one hero/individual from multiple realities.

Can you think of any other examples of this type of 'team'?

Doing my Saturday writing is going to be challenging with my computer in the shop. A lot of my reference material is on that hard drive....
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