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Genevieve Lachance
"Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get." Forrest Gump
"Life is like a box of chocolates... you never know what you're gonna get." Forrest Gump


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Great way to use IFTTT
How To Use IFTTT To Monitor and Protect Your Kids Online

Many of you likely use IFTTT for business purposes, but have you considered using it to monitor and protect your kid's online activity? With a few easy and handy "recipes", IFTTT can be a non-invasive way to keep an eye on what's going on with your child's mobile interactions.

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Great tips!
My Ultimate Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

I am fairly modest when it comes down to my accomplishments - whether business or personal. 

However, one thing for sure: I AM very good at driving free traffic to just about anything.

I also don't mind sharing my best traffic secrets. For instance, take a look at this post where I share 202 bite-sized ideas of bringing more traffic to your blog.

My suggestion: take one - whichever one is closest to your heart or do eeny, meeny, miny, moe - and make it work for you.

Questions? I am always here.

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Take a look at this interactive infographic about the buyer’s journey. It has really good information to help you create campaigns centered around the customer lifecycle.

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Changes in how people communicate, connect, and discover are carrying incredible implications for businesses and just about anything where people are involved. 

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This sounds really interesting!
Starting today, we're opening up our publishing platform to our members, giving you a powerful new way to build your professional brand. Learn more:

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Interesting but not so surprising! 

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With Facebook Page reach plummeting, many Page owners are looking for advice to figure out how to best handle the situation. Here’s what Marketers and Industry Experts are saying about Facebook’s ongoing decreasing organic Page reach and their advice for business owners and marketers. #Facebook  

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"Numbers matter Truth is, people may perceive the value of an individual (or even a business) based only on the numbers — followers, friends, tweets, likes. " via +Mark Schaefer 

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Genevieve Lachance commented on a post on Blogger.
Thanks so much Kimberly for including my SlideShare presentation in your article. Facebook reach is a hot topic and a great source of frustration these days. 
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