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We're almost ready
Hey there The temps are finally being up and stable. That means the plant migration from my kitchen to outside will finally be happening. Well, after the rain stops and it dries out a little. I'm expecting Tuesday to be the big day. I'm so looking forward t...

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A little organization if you please
Hey there, it's me again. It's time for a long awaited and anticipated update to my yard clean-up and transformation. Outside is pots of assorted cool tolerant tropicals becoming reaccustomed to life in unfiltered sunlight and unimpeded breezes. They spend ...

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Another step closer to organized!
Any day spent in the yard is a good day, right? Just nod and say yes. This afternoon I enjoyed the sun and got a chunk of my growing space cleaned up. I even have a real bench now! That's a huge improvement for me. I made this bench top back when we first g...

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Cold reminders of winter
Shivery morning to you, gardening friends! Was another cold morning. Will freezing temperatures never give up? Patience my dear gardener, patience. (I'm talking to myself again!) (Insert whatever salutation floats your boat) Joe

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Plant profile. Ceres cactus
You came back! Yay! A while back my friend bought this unusual little Ceres plant. Odd little guy. If the find the proper species name of this I will add it later. Last autumn I opened a fruit to see what it was like inside. I was not surprised to find a lo...

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Amorphophallus blooms from 2015
Last year is when I got serious about collecting Amorphophallus species. To my amazement I had several species bloom for me. It was an amazing year of growing for me. As I look forward to this years growing season it's nice looking back at last years blooms.

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