Fun game with +John Till  and his Thursday night group! 

This scorched, smudged, slightly moldy, torn scrap of a journal was included with news from our brothers and sisters in Katalal:

"If you are reading this dear cousins, I know not how to thank the Gods. We variegated band from Butrús are assisting the escape of the young lady of Hriháyal, from abducted circumstances to regain the honor of the clan of White Stone where she was an honored wedding party guest. The ritual high priest of the Temple of Vimúhla in Katalal now lies dead in his chambers by her hand, and we saw to it others escorted him on his journey. We had a plan to escape into the catacombs with our golden disk for an ancient tube car, but of course distractions happen. Like a Sweet Singer of Nakomé activating the flaming guardians of the temple founder... Our Sweet Singer redeemed himself and found a hidden passage to the tube car while the more brutish members of our beat back a flaming Shén and magma Ahoggyá. I will even admit to the high impression that remains with me of that battle. We found our way to a tube car, but when the doors opened, we were greeted with something so unspeakable that even the priest of Dlamlésh was stunned speechless. A horrifying orgiastic celebration of Sárku assaulted our eyes, our ears and our *NOSES*…."

Thanks again for the game!
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