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Luz Estela Oliver
Show me who you are my powerful Love and Protector of All.
Show me who you are my powerful Love and Protector of All.

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                                       Jesus Amazing Ways

 First, My Dove~ Love has been a tiny little mess throwing seeds all around the floor. Second, My kitchen is empty except for a bottle of olive oil and a bottle of wine. Third, I am packing my books and some how I started reading a page. This is what I want to share.
"The threshing floors will again be piled high with grains, and the presses will overflow with new wine and olive oil..."I will give you back what you lost"  (Joel 2:24-25)       Jesus Ways are amazing. I  Love U.

Thank You Jesus For Today

Thank You Jesus for Today because today You saved my life from the evil human that wanted to take me away from You. Even thought I did not know about You, You made sure no one would ever hurt me.

Thank You Jesus for Today

Thank You Jesus for today. Today is a new day with You. Today You will open my eyes to your love and Light as I am walking in the dark lost not knowing the path to find You.

Thank You God

Thank You God for all your creations. Thank You for sending Jesus to this World and giving me the gift to know Him and Love Him.

                                   The Son Of God

Thank You God for Your Son Jesus. He is the Bomb.
Good Morning to my Amazing ~Powerful~ Loving~ Joker~ Caring ~Electrifying~ One Of A Kind~ Unique~ Courageous~ and so many more...
Yes~ You~  Jesus ~The Son Of God.  

                                 JESUS I TRUST YOU

The day you created me was the best day of my life. You were there with me and I did not know. I have lived my life with You and I did not know. I cried, I made mistakes, I looked for answers and You were there with me and I did not know. The day you saved my life I saw Your bright Light and I knew I had to find You. That is the day I knew You have been with me. I Love You and Trust You and I Believe in You and I Look for You and so many more.  

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                                     This Is Who I Am 

I am alive because The Light was there to save me. He did not let me down. My only chance in life is this amazing Light. He saved me and I looked for it. When I found it again , I grabbed it and I will never let it go. I am not crazy or weird. I am real and He is real. Look around because I am not alone in this journey.

                             This Is Who I Was In Society
You knew me since the day You were born. In your eyes, I was approved by society. In my eyes, I was looking for something that I could not see but I knew it was there so I was lost. The day I almost got killed with a machete I died because The Light was not there to save me. This is who I was.

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                                 This Is Who I Am.

This is Love~a Dove that arrived on my shoulder and stays with me by free will.

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                           Mellie~Pit Bull against Bella Vista, Arkansas

I believe is all about money. The right thing is in your heart. The one that cares will make the right choice. I pray to the one that saved me to please save this dog. Please keep an eye on the ones you created because we are worth of Your Love. Thank You Jesus.
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