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Geysers Data Yellowstone Old Faithful Research


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Getting tired of switching between the Geyser Times app and the Yellowstone National Park Service's geyser app to get the NPS predictions? Well you don't no longer have to as the new Geyser Times Android App update (v2.1.4) now displays the National Park Service predictions along side our own!

Get the app here:
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New update once again for the Android app (v2.1.0). You can now watch the Old Faithful Streaming Cam that is located in Yellowstone National Park on the app. However the full screen button is being a bit pesky and is not working yet and will be fixed very soon! Reminder that you must have version 2.0.0 or higher to receive or post any new data on your app!

Get the app here:
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New update released for the Android app that fixes a few bugs (v2.0.1). Also a reminder that you need to update to and launch at least version 2.0.0 for the app to function. To update to v2.0.0 or above you will maybe need to go and manually hit the update button as we had to change the permissions required to use a new feature.  
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As many of you have noticed, recently underwent a facelift. Along with the new look, several other oft-requested features were added. Here are the highlights:
* Note structure changed to be based on datetimes rather than just a date, can be observations at a point in time or over a range of times
* Notes are now easier to find--they are displayed in logbook view and on the geyser page
* New search bar for geysers and historical dates makes it easier to find what you're looking for
* Home page logbook view now automatically refreshes
* Data logger temperature charting and archived temperature files for download
* Added a site tour for new visitors
* Ugly old prediction display replaced by pretty Gantt chart format 
* Entering mulitple day's worth of eruptions is now easier: the multi-entry page has been revamped to handle multiple dates
* Ability to store eruptions to the accuracy of seconds (rather than to the minute) (multi-entry only)
If you have the GT Android App, it must be updated to version 2.0.0 . The old version will cease to receive any new data or submit data. 
In addition, for you researcher and programmer-types, V3 of the GT API has been made public. This allows programmatic access to the eruption and notes database. I will be improving the documentation and sending out more information over the winter.
We're still working out a few kinks. Thank you to all who have submitted bug reports thus far.
Big thanks also to Will Boekel for all of his work in making this update possible.
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Electronic eruption times have been posted to GeyserTimes from the Summer 2014 season. Thank you to Hank Heasler for providing the temperature logger data.

Data was downloaded on Oct 30 and 31, 2014 for the following geysers:

Great Fountain
Little Squirt
Old Faithful (thru Sep 16, 2014)
Spouter (data received, E times not yet calculated)

Unfortunately, data is not available for the following geysers:

Lion (unknown logger failure)
Grotto (destroyed due to moisture)
King (location not suitable, did not registered observed eruptions)
Riverside (thermistor and logger failure)

We're working on improvements to GeyserTimes to allow the visual exploration of electronic temperature data from both the YVO and NPS Geology department along with a whole slew of other changes. The expected release date is pre-Jan 1, 2015.

- Jake Young
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