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Nesrine Leene

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Blog about my PB @ Amsterdam Marathon

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Chicago Marathon 2014
12-10-2014 Each
marathon has been incredibly special in its own way, and No. 6 proved to be
more emotionally and mentally powerful than I even imagined. I flew to
Chicago on Wednesday to stay with my sister who lives there. First night I
was terribly jet la...

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12 weeks PostPregnancy
Wow! Time flies and I haven't found the time to blog! Today my little princess turned 12 weeks!! Yes 3 months old! I am sitting here going back to 12 weeks ago when I went on a 7 km run at 37 week pregnant. I was already on maternity leave. I still remember...

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Who will become the running king (or queen) of the Netherlands?  Hexagonal tile is the first running game where runners can compete on an interactive map with the number of kilometers they run. The Netherlands is divided into 3000 hexagonal ...

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The Journey of a Pregnant Runner
Pregnancy has been an interesting journey for this ambitious runner! Just before I knew I was pregnant I was training so hard for Berlin Marathon . Early morning runs, good diet and dedication. When I knew that We are expecting again, my first reaction was ...

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The Mother - An inspiring story! The Mother - Salomon Running TV S03 E04

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Happy New Year 2014
So here I am 30 weeks pregnant and about to start a new year!  This is my absolute favorite time of the year.  It is the perfect time for reflection and processing of one year and setting intentions for the next.  I love fresh starts and the chance to start...

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So here I am 30 weeks pregnant and about to start a new year! Part of me can't wait to start 2014 but another part of me, I am sad that time went so fast! 2013 was a great year!!!  70 days to go till delivery and I just can't wait to have my little girl in ...
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