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Ashley Morton
✔ Verified nerd and Google+ lover
✔ Verified nerd and Google+ lover

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Looking for a worthy cause? How about supporting an artist looking to stay true to his heart and create. I'm sure many here know the struggle involved with committing to creating art in a world that tries to tell you what you 'should' be doing instead. If you'd love to see him, and other artists, thrive, show some support. Getting people to slow down and look closer at art in a world desperately demanding to squeeze more things into every moment can be a struggle. And even more so to get others to take it seriously and contribute. Do you support original work? 

(Note: If you can't contribute, will you please share this post or his campaign?)

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New start
I've deleted everything except for my obligatory first post...time for a fresh start in the blogging world...and a hope and a prayer that I stick to it better this time. Wish me luck!

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