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Wayne Rydzak
One of the few Life long Seattle residents.
One of the few Life long Seattle residents.

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Wow! It's Been 20 Years?!
Ellen DeGeneres Celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Her Coming Out Episode with Oprah, Laura Dern, and More

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Just Some Random Seattle Pics
From the top deck of my "Double Tall" bus ride home on Tuesday. So much is changing in Seattle yet there are still a few landmarks left like the Smith Tower and the beautifully restored King Street train station. The last image is the Columbia Center where my office is from the last stop before home. Yes, it was raining. Surprise!
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Boeing and Bombardier in Battle

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Happy 55th Birthday Space Needle

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Seattle "Skinny House"
Only $700,000.

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Probably Peter Sellers' Best Performance

"Being There" is oddly prescient. Brilliant work. "I like to watch."

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drumph visits The Daily Show.

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Much Truth

While this site does promote the sales of their supplements, this is a good article that I can really relate to.

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On the surface, this seems like a good idea. But what if you're in a cab on on the bus? How does that work?

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