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+Tony Tucker did me solid and got the Angels, Daemons, and Beings Between here in one excellent piece. Time to unleash the gods!

+R.J. Thompson got the goods here safe and secure! Thanks for the Dwimmermount, Divinities&Cults, and A Curious Volume of Forgotten Lore. Good stuff. Also, thank you for the little extras (S&W Light and character cards). That was mighty decent of you.

+Dan Domme, is a fair peddler of forgotten tomes. The Lost Handbook arrived safe and sound. Thank you for a worry-free transaction!

+Gary Anastasio is a fabulous trader that packs a secure, tight box. Thank you, sir!

+Brandon Goeringer knows how to securely pack a box and ship it without haste! Well done, sir, and my thanks for the little extras!

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I love S&W because it embraces a simpler time.  House rules are encouraged and really showcase the flexibility of the system and creativity of the community.  Plus, I bought my first S&W Complete rulebook from Matt Finch and Bill Webb at Gamehole Con 2015.  That was a cool experience. 
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Hi, just found your blog and there are some interesting thoughts here.  Thanks for doing this!  Keep blogging and keep the party together!
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