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Robyn Kelly
Creator of Princess Pants, Superhero Extraordinaire!
Creator of Princess Pants, Superhero Extraordinaire!

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It's been a long and bumpy year
...but nearly a year on, I'm back on my feet and ready to kick ass. Today's drawing is for day two of InkTober, a one a day art challenge in inks for the month. Seeing as I'm doing it on a tablet, it's cheating a little bit I don't care. Today's theme is "n...

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28/5/15 - Games Updates!
Hello, everyone! A few updates about what's going on right now. Tomorrow is our end of year show! We've finished our game on time, but we're having some technical issues after realising it might not play on a University PC, but we're working on that, at the...

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25/5/15 - Game Jam - Polished Animation
This animated sprite was made by swapping out the movie clips in flash for polished artwork made by Ronja in photoshop. Certain assets, such as the dress, the apron and the hair were un-animateable, so I've been a little naughty and worked my way around it....

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25/05/15 - GAME JAM - Animation Update
Hello all! Last time I left off, I had just roughed out the basic body animation in flash with tweens and keyframes. Callum suggested that perhaps the original  -  on the left looked like she was jumping, so I switched the timing of one of the legs. Today, ...

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24/5/15 - Another game jam progress post
Because this is on such a short schedule, I'll be updating here a lot this week. Combined with the fact that I'm on the art side and not the development this time, there's a lot more to show! I started with crappy thumbnails in photoshop... and refined it w...

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24/05/15 - GAME JAM
Hi everyone. After finishing Uni, myself, my brother (the code guy),  Callum ,  Ronja  and  Matt  are teaming up to create a game in six days. Currently, we're on day two, and it's due for Thursday. Exciting! Hopefully, it won't take nearly as long as me on...

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Things I've learnt
Wow, it's been a while, huh? It's come to the end of my time at Uni, and this year's been a blast. I've had a whole lot of fun making my game. I've been using the tutorials from Brackeys and  Wabble , which for whatever reason, when I couldn't get things wo...

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31/3/15 - Whack-a-Mole no more!
I've likened my problems in Unity to Whack-a-Mole. When one problem goes down, another pops up. So here's what's happened so far: Problems working out how big the sprites are when imported into Unity Cheating with a sized box around each sprite won't work -...

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26/3/15 - Oh.
This post is just oh. Every time I fix one problem, another comes up. I think this video can explain it better than I can. I've no idea what the hell I've done here. Help. 

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23/3/15 - I owe you some progress
From my last post a few weeks ago, I've been trying to get things to work in Unity. Here's what I've got so far! And sweet baby jesus has this taken a long time to do. I've had such a problem with sprites. I never would have guessed that would be my biggest...
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